10 Common Video Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Creating video content is a great way to strengthen your marketing strategy and engage with your audience. However, it isn’t without its potential pitfalls. Many brands fail to avoid common video marketing mistakes and end up doing more harm than good.

To help you get off on the right foot, here are the ten most common video marketing mistakes we see and, more importantly, some tips that will help you avoid them!


Not making videos

Video marketing is proving itself to be the best way to connect, resonate and engage with customers. It’s been shown to drastically boost website traffic, increase sales and much more.

87% of online marketers currently create video content and 76% plan to increase their use of video marketing in 2017. Any businesses that don’t start to utilise the power or video marketing will soon get left behind.


Lacking a clear message

Don’t make a video just because they’re popular. You need to have a clear purpose and message for each video. If your video doesn’t give your viewers a definite takeaway, you’ll lose their interest and approval.

Try to focus on one particular benefit of your product or service. You can always save any other ideas for your next video!

Keeping a key business objective in mind – whether it be driving more traffic website traffic or increasing online engagement – will also help you to maintain focus and direction when developing a concept for your video.


Excessive hard selling

If your video feels like a force-fed sales pitch, you’re missing the point of video marketing. You should be looking to build a relationship with your audience and show them that you understand their needs.

Instead of overwhelming potential customers with information, create videos that tease the benefits of your product or service and persuade potential customers to look further into your brand via your website or future content.


Incorrect branding

Research has shown that 80% of users recall a video they viewed in the past 30 days. However, if they can’t remember the name of your company, then there was little point in creating the video to begin with. After all, the aim of video marketing is to promote your business!

Be sure to brand your video with your logo, website URL and other important information.


Forgetting a call-to-action

Every video you upload has the potential to navigate a viewer to your website, drive them to watch another video, persuade them to download an ebook or encourage them to sign up for an email newsletter.

If you don’t include a clear call-to-action, your viewers will be unsure of the next step to take and you will have lost a valuable lead, sale or click.

Add a relevant call-to-action to the end of your video in a clear and contextual manner and be sure that it is something that will actually benefit the user.


Underusing social media

Uploading your video to YouTube and embedding it on your website isn’t going to unleash the full potential of video marketing.

Maximise your video’s reach by sharing it on all social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to upload your video directly to each platform rather than simply posting a link to the YouTube video. Native videos get prioritised by social media algorithms, so will get more views.


Not taking advantage of analytics

There is an abundance of analytical tools that will allow you to see who is watching your content, what they’re watching, how long they’re watching for and numerous other valuable insights about your customers and content.

If you take the time to understand this information, you can tailor future content and ensure that it performs better than ever!


Neglecting the target audience

Just because you think something is interesting, doesn’t mean everyone will!

This is one of the biggest, and most fatal of video marketing mistakes. You should always keep a specific and well-defined target audience in mind. Remind yourself who you are trying to reach out to and produce content that you think they will enjoy.


Creating videos that are too long

We live in an age of low attention spans and immediate gratification. Studies have shown that 20 percent of people click away from a video within the first 10 seconds if the content isn’t engaging enough.

Aim for sixty to ninety second videos and put your main point towards the beginning. This means cutting lengthy intros and any unnecessary add-ons that delay your message.

If your video is more of a long-form educational piece, consider cutting it up into smaller, bite-sized chunks. Making your video into a series will keep your viewers coming back for more.


Assuming B2B can’t be as creative as B2C

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that video marketing isn’t for you just because you’re a company that targets businesses rather than consumers.

Your videos don’t have to be stiff and boring in order to be informative. After all, you are still marketing to real people who like to be entertained! Think of creative and engaging ways to convey your brand, products and message.


Need high quality, professional video content for your business, but keen to avoid these video marketing mistakes? Speak to Stada Media. Start planning your video marketing strategy by checking out our video marketing services!

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