2020 Marketing Trends to Look Out For

2020 marketing trends will see most business owners continue to look to digital, high-tech and innovative marketing methods to sell.

However, there has been pushback on the increased automation of brand-consumer interactions. 2020 marketing trends show that there is now a strong desire to make these connections more human. 

Keeping this in mind, what marketing efforts should you be focusing on in 2020?

Voice Search

Voice Search is showing no signs of slowing down, and 2020 marketing trends will welcome it with open arms. With one in five households now owning a smart speaker, business is booming!

Even if your brand isn’t ready for smart speaker advertising, you need to optimise your content for it.

Making your content to serve longer conversational queries, as well as answering questions directly, will make it more visible for voice search.

Want to know more about voice search? Read our blog here to dive deeper.

Artificial Intelligence

AI may well dominate 2020 marketing trends.

Chatbots are popping up on websites everywhere, and they are also behind smart assistants and voice search.

AI can help you get rid of the monotonous jobs so that you can focus on strategising that essential customer experience.

AI can also help you to analyse how customers interact with your brand, helping to build better strategies. It’s sure to be at the heart of business in the future as we see further advancements.

Video Marketing 

We couldn’t go without mentioning video marketing – it’s what Stada Media does best!

It is so important to incorporate video marketing into your digital strategies. It will have an extremely prominent place in 2020 marketing trends.

Live video in particular is becoming incredibly popular, with consumers spending three times longer watching a live video.

Google pushes pages that contain video into the higher rankings. So, if your site includes video, it is fifty times more likely to drive organic search results.

Find out more about the importance of video production here, and get clued up on video production costs.

Content Marketing

Google has recently rolled out some significant algorithm updates. Content marketing is great for demonstrating to your audience that you are a trusted and credible source.

Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing; it also generates three times as many leads.

As Google continues to push regularly updated and informed articles, you need to invest in a robust content marketing plan.

Google Ads Smart Bidding

Paid advertising will enter 2020 marketing trends with force. 

Google explains, “Machine learning algorithms train on data at a vast scale to help you make more accurate predictions across your account … These algorithms factor in a wider range of parameters that impact performance than a single person or team could compute.” 

With Smart Bidding, you can set signals that allow you to optimise your bids. 

Some of these can be done through manual bid adjustments, but there are a few only available for Smart Bidding.

Smart Bidding frees you up to focus on strategy, content and analysing that all-important data!

So, that’s just a few 2020 marketing trends from us to focus on for the upcoming year.

Get in touch with Stada Media for a full, professional video marketing service. See any trends here you want to utilise? Let’s talk and we’ll find out what we can do for you.

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