3 Reasons Why Drone Videography Should Be On Your Marketing Wishlist

You may have heard about drone videography as a fun activity for tech geeks and casual filmmakers. However, did you know you can utilise it in your business’ content marketing strategy? If you didn’t, buckle up and listen!


Drone videography is an impressive choice for any business looking to showcase the scale and breadth of their site, location or event. If you don’t know what drones or drone videography is, let’s get you up to speed before we give you 3 ways they can transform your marketing!


What are drone cameras?

In the simplest terms, a drone camera is video production equipment that you can fly. Because of this, they’re compact in size, and often have 4 sets of propellers to keep them off the ground.

Don’t worry, though – drone cameras aren’t actually independent. The drone videographer uses a controller to direct the drone camera where they want it.

However, saying this, you should always take safety very seriously when operating drones. Make sure you or whoever is operating your drone is fully trained. In addition, always check drone flying laws in your area before even considering using one!


What is drone videography?

Drone videography is the art of using a drone to capture video footage that you can use for marketing or entertainment purposes, like a company video.

People often use drone videography to film vast spaces, such as construction sites or long stretches of landscape. However, you can also use drones to get up close in ways standard videographers often can’t.

Drones have two main attractions: aerial shots and motion shots. Aerial shots are those from high up above; motion shots are when the drone is moving across a space to give a sense of depth.

Traditionally, people would use a helicopter to achieve these kinds of shots. However, the advent of drone videography means people now have a much higher-quality, lower-cost alternative.

For example, take a look at this showreel of drone footage we’ve produced for clients.


3 reasons why you should be using drone videography

1. Drone filming tells your story on a bigger scale

You can fly a drone high above your site, property, event or local area, showing off the breadth of your business in a very visual way.

Drones are perfect for showcasing:

  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • New properties, from new build homes to enormous shopping centres
  • Events, such as concerts, festivals, sports games or fairs
  • Tourist spots, such as gorgeous stretches of beach

 If you use a drone to show off these things, you’ll impress your viewers by giving them a better feel for the scale and breadth of what you offer.

Drone videography also offers a very immersive experience for viewers. As you take them on a journey through your location, they’re flying with you. From wide, bird’s eye view shots to ones up close.

That’s another benefit to drone filming: as well as flying high up above, they can also fly right down and get super close to things people alone might not be able to.

This suddenly makes certain ideas feasible when they may not have been before. For example, events with fast movement, such as sports games. The viewers don’t just want to be on the sidelines anymore; they want to be right in the middle of the action.

Drone videography pushes the limits to where your filming can go, reaching the nooks and crevices that traditional filming couldn’t.

2. Drone filming elevates your live streaming

You can also use drone filming to enhance your live streaming experience. This links heavily to the idea of using drone videography for events. Businesses often live stream their events, and especially now in a post-COVID world, this is on the agenda more than ever.

Therefore, using drones to add more depth, immersion and excitement to your live stream can only be a good thing! In a climate of remote working and connecting, anything that will boost the experience will benefit your business massively.

Furthermore, using drone filming will make your event live stream seem less like a… well, a traditional ‘live stream’. The latter is often a single, stable camera that doesn’t differ in shot, risking a dip in viewer attention. Instead, drone videography can transform your live stream into a potentially boring experience to one that’s engaging and exciting.

3. You can use drone videography for behind-the-scenes filming

Drone videography can also bring something more exciting to your behind-the-scenes videos. This way, when you say ‘behind the scenes’, you really mean behind the scenes – behind, around, under…

Use a drone to take your viewers on a flying tour around your space. For instance, this could be literally behind the scenes of a video shoot; alternatively, it may be ‘behind the scenes’ of your business (so, for example, the factory where your products are made).

Drone filming for behind-the-scenes content creates a more candid and immersive experience for your audience. As a result, they’ll get a more detailed and satisfying look at how things operate. This transparency turns into customer trust, which then translates to more sales!


Yes, the ‘S’ word is on all businesses’ minds as they’re reading this – and we’re pleased to tell you that all of the above points can also have hair-raising impacts on your sales.

This is ultimately why we do marketing – to draw more attention to our products and services, and get more customers buying them. And drone videography is up there in the top ways to get customers’ attention! What are you waiting for?


Stada Media is a bespoke video production agency based in Yorkshire and London. Guess what? We can make your drone video. Let’s start our conversation about drone filming here.

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