3 Reasons Why Live Streaming Production Is The Most Popular Marketing Technique Right Now

Live streaming production has climbed through the ranks from being merely a niche and one-off marketing technique to one that everyone wants a piece of.


With more and more businesses using live streaming each day, we wanted to break down why it’s so popular. What is it about live streaming production that has viewers glued to their seats and engaging with live streams left, right and centre?


1. Live streaming production generates more engagement than pre-recorded video

Don’t get us wrong, pre-recorded video is an undeniably effective method of communication for business. It allows you to showcase your products, introduce your team and tell your company story. Furthermore, it’s sometimes a more convenient alternative to share a short but memorable video.

But what if you’ve got an event that would benefit from having a wider audience? What if you’re delivering a presentation that would offer value to online viewers? Live streaming production creates space for sharing longer-form content in a way that remains engaging.

For example, more than 1 in 5 Facebook videos are live; what’s more, users watch these 3 times longer than pre-recorded videos.

So, it’s not hard to see why businesses are jumping on the live streaming bandwagon when these figures speak for themselves. But we’ve still got to investigate exactly why users are latching onto live video on this level. What keeps them watching?

Well, this:


2. You can engage with audiences in an exciting and human way

63% of people think live streaming brings a human touch to digital marketing. When your audience interacts with you in real time on a live stream, it suddenly breaks down the barriers that exist between you. It doesn’t matter where your viewers are in the world: because they’re watching it live, they can be there with you. As a result, your audience feels privileged and excited to be a part of the experience. This means they’re more likely to engage with and share your stream.

The common idea of digital marketing is often a jumble of analytics, quick-fire content and targeted ads. These are also very important for your marketing strategy. However, using live streaming production can inject that humanity that your audience craves.

Find out more about why live streaming is so effective for customer engagement here.


3. Live streaming widens your audience and maximises results from events

When you host an event and don’t live stream it, you might squeeze a few hundred people into your audience. When you live stream it, it could be thousands!

Live streaming production instantly opens up the doors to a much, much wider audience for your event. It creates a very exciting snowball effect: more people see and interact with your live stream, and it pops up more on other people’s feeds. Then, the process continues, and you can completely maximise your reach!

However, this doesn’t happen without some tactical promotion of your event beforehand. Make sure you actually have a virtual audience confirmed to begin with by shouting about your event across your platforms. In addition, if it’s appropriate for the event, make sure you’re engaging with your audience throughout. As a result, your stream will draw the attention of new viewers who want a piece of the action.

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Example: Wakefield BID Awards 2021

A great example of an event widening its reach through live streaming is the Wakefield BID Awards 2021. This business awards event had a large, but limited, in-person audience in Wakefield. Therefore, the client wanted us to live stream the event to reach a wider audience throughout the district and beyond. The aim was to spread the news that Wakefield is a thriving city with businesses doing incredible things. Furthermore, to increase online engagement further, we hosted a preshow exclusively for the live stream viewers to get them excited for the main show.

Check out the full live stream below:

Or if you’re short on time, enjoy the highlights here:

Read more about the Wakefield BID Awards live streaming project here!


So, if you haven’t tried live streaming production yet, you’re missing a trick. With just one event, your business could increase its traffic, sales and brand awareness enormously!


Need a little help with your live stream? The experts at Stada Media are here to help. We’re specialists in creating content to WOW your audience and we’re ready to go! Get in touch about live streaming production today.

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