3 Ways A Company Video Can Boost Your Business – Instantly

What is a company video? Is it just a video put out by a company? Technically, yes – but the term ‘company video’ can also mean something more specific.


A company video is often one that gives a good overview of a whole company, from their services to their values. In this way, it’s different from a product video, or a recruitment video. In fact, it can be a lot of videos rolled into one.

Also, company videos can vary in how you present them. For example, you might choose a more documentary-style approach with interviews. 

Alternatively, you might prefer more of a montage of footage, with fitting music accompanying it. For example, take this company overview video we created for TQ Security:


Meanwhile, this one we made for CUBE Precision Engineering features interviews, bringing in a human element:


However you choose to approach your company video, it’s a really good starting point. If you don’t have a specific idea, but you just know you need video, this will give you quick results. It’s also an effective way of introducing your company to new customers if you’re launching something new.

Generally, your audience for a company video will probably be consumers. However, they can also work in targeting investors.


Here are some of the aspects of your business you can show off in a company video:

…and if it’s put together cleverly enough, you can fit all these into a 3-minute video!


Continuing on the theme of 3, let’s look at 3 ways a company video can boost your business – in an instant.


How can a company video boost my business instantly?


1. Communicating your company effectively

Trust us, it’s worth investing more into video production to communicate your business than trying to write up pages on it.

Written content has its place in your business – take this blog post for an example. However, video should be a priority in communicating important information about your company.

Just take a look at this staggering statistic: Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Why? Because video has a knack for consolidating information into an entertaining, digestible package.

Sight and sound help this along, and even more so when you choose the perfect combinations of the two. Just think about how powerful smells are in unlocking memories; our senses help us to retain information.

Here are a few ways a company video can instantly boost your business through better communication…


Simply, a company video will consolidate lots of aspects of your business into quick sequences of footage. This way, you can communicate what would be a few paragraphs about your company process in a few seconds.

Similarly, the use of motion graphics helps to provide visual representations of tricky concepts. For example, a very short animation on a healthcare process can consolidate what might be a few pages.

Making things clear makes it more likely that people will want to find out more. This then increases your traffic, and ultimately your conversions. What’s more, your audience will respect your business for thinking about their perspective.


Music and human voices can do wonders for your view on a subject.

Background music keeps the viewer focused on the video, and is another way of presenting brand identity. Firstly, music attaches an exact mood to a company. For example, footage of someone welding you may accompany with heavy guitars. Someone sunbathing on holiday would most likely warrant calmer music.

Music is also another element that helps with memory. Just think of those jingles we can all instantly attach to a company. When you’re humming that video’s music you heard earlier, you’re still thinking about its message.

Meanwhile, voiceovers and talking heads provide a conversational, human feel to the information the business is communicating. For this reason, viewers don’t have to put in as much concentration. As a result, they can relax. When a viewer is relaxed, they’re going to be more receptive to your message.

What’s more, the tones of voice in company videos are always engaging. As we often mirror other people’s moods and behaviour, this is another way to draw viewers in.


In a company video, editors can arrange and cut footage in a certain way to maintain viewers’ attention throughout. For example, the tempo of these videos is often aligned with the beat of the background music.

Also, the viewer’s emotional response is often thought about when it comes to editing. Certain sequences will be more effective than others.


2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of developing your online content to rank higher in search engines.

There are multiple search engines out there, so the term isn’t ‘Google search optimisation’. However, Google is what the vast majority of people use – so that’s basically what it is.

Now, SEO is often a long game. Even if you can solve issues quickly, your website won’t immediately be #1 in the results. Google takes time to shift rankings of pages, even if yours is perfect.

However, there are some shortcuts to achieve good SEO results quickly – and a company video is one of them.

Video in general is Google’s favourite type of content. As we’ve already discussed, it’s quick, digestible and entertaining. Therefore, this is what most people choose to answer their search queries.

So, if your target audience is searching your type of company in Google, you’re more likely to be at the top with a company video. Find out more about video marketing SEO here.


Ways you can improve your video’s SEO ranking
  • Uploading your video to YouTube. This might seem obvious to some, but don’t just plan to stick it on your website. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google – use it wisely.
  • Transcribing your video in the description. This will enable not just Google, but YouTube to understand exactly what your video is about. They’ll be able to do this by targeting important keywords you’ve included in the text.
  • Optimise your video title to match popular search queries.


3. Branding

This is similar to communication, because you’ll be communicating your brand identity in your video. However, it’s important to separate the specific idea of branding here.

This is because branding is key in improving your audience’s recognition and awareness of your business. It’s how your audience sees you as a company, not just what you tell them.

What’s more, you can see branding everywhere in a business’ presence online. Their logo, writing style, brand colours, and website layout all play a part. Therefore, a company video is a significant way to solidify and elevate your brand identity. Once you’ve done this, you will stick even more firmly in viewers’ minds.

You can communicate your brand identity in all the ways we’ve mentioned in the ‘Communicating your company effectively’ section above – visuals, sound, and editing style. These need to align with how you want to present your brand. 

Fun and quirky what you’re going for? Pick some fun and quirky music. Match the colours you’ve used on your website. Make sure you include people having fun in your video.

The list goes on – and ultimately, it all depends on your own preferences.

Learn more about what makes a good brand video here.


A company video is an ideal starting point

When you bring all of these elements together, there is not a lot you can’t achieve with a solid company video.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s a great launchpad for you to continue releasing videos. These can then be focused on more specific areas of your business, fine-tuning the messages you want to communicate.


Good luck on your first company video! Need some help? We recommend outsourcing your video production for the best results. Wait a minute, we’re pretty good at video…


Get in touch with Stada Media today if you’re looking for a bespoke and professional video for your business. We’ve worked with some pretty big names.

If you enjoyed this blog, make sure you check out the rest of our posts over on the Stada Media blog!

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