A New Dimension With 3D Animation

Eye-opening, realistaclly visualised product experiences for your customers. 

Your product’s never been seen like this before….

As a specialist 3D animation video company, we can give your brand credibility with a high-quality, high-detail 3D experience.

3D CG visualisations bring a whole new layer to products. We can move and manipulate the image in any way you want. We can beautify your product in ways not possible with photography. 


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What does a 3D animation video company do exactly?

It usually involves the recreation of a real-life product or object, using effects to imitate light and texture.

The clue’s in the name: 3D visualisation focuses on shining a spotlight on a product or object that customers may not be able to access easily in real life. For examples, a lot of medical and manufacturing companies use 3D visualisation.

3D visualisation also aims to beautify otherwise ‘boring’ products, helping them to attract attention and achieve customer engagement.

The 3D animation production process
1. Initial conversation

Before anything else, we’ll thoroughly get to know your business, inside and out. This helps us to deliver the absolute best results at the end of the 3D project. To help you, we’ll offer our expert knowledge on 3D modelling to advise you on the best choices before you decide on the final brief.

2. Brief & Scope

What product or object do you want us to visualise in 3D? How long do we estimate it will take? How complex will this project be? These are all questions we’ll work to answer at this stage in the process. This helps us to establish transparency with you, prepare for the later stages and avoid misjudgements.

3. Creative

Here is when we get out our pens and pencils and start to – literally and figuratively – sketch out your big idea. We’ll gather inspiration and ideas together so we’re approaching the 3D visualisation in the best way possible. Throughout this stage, we’ll always have your company and goals at the forefront of our minds.

4. Modelling

The modelling stage is completed by our talented 3D Generalists who will use advanced techniques and processes to sculpt your 3D visualisation. We’ll continuously refer back to the drawing board. Our Creative Lead and Project Manager will also oversee the entire process and keep in contact with you to ensure the visualisation remains completely in line with the brief.

5. Rendering

After we’ve made the necessary amends in response to your essential and valued feedback, we start rendering! This is the process of converting the 3D data into an image. This is the rewarding stage at which our hard work is realised in the finished image and is ready to be distributed.

6. Distribution

This is the ‘finishing touches’ stage, we’ll continue to keep in frequent contact with you to ensure everything is still a-ok with the finished product. Whatever your 3D visualisation is used for, we will make sure it is distributed to the channels your audience is most prominent on for maximum impact.

What are the benefits of 3D CG animation?
It’s frustrating trying to show off a product that is, to most people, simply not visually appealing.

3D animation takes this and throws it out of the window. There’s just something about a sleek 3D replication of a real-life product that makes it look ten times better.

It doesn’t matter what you create with 3D visualisation – it just works! You’re displaying it in its very best light, complete with effective lighting and immaculate detail.

Let’s get into that detail on the exciting benefits of working with a 3D animation video company:

It’s precise and accurate.

With 3D visualisation, you’ll be surprised you’re not looking at the real thing. 3D visualisation’s depth of detail really steals the show, enhancing your customers’ experience further.

It enhances visual communication.

3D visualisation’s accuracy and precision adds a thick layer to your ability to communicate effectively with customers. The more eye-catching and lifelike your visual assets, the more impact you will have on getting your messages across.

It’s cost-effective.

3D visualisation is much more manageable budget-wise than attempting a mind-blowing live-action video of the same product.

It’s marketable.

When people see a head-turning 3D visualisation – something they won’t usually see on the daily – they’ll have the urge to share it. This leads to increases in views, engagement, and customer conversions. That’s right – 3D visualisation also boosts your sales.

Top 3D animation video tips
#1 Master the art of realistic lighting

What’s jaw-dropping about the best 3D visualisations is how they imitate how light behaves in real life. The key to creating a great 3D animation is knowing how to nail this so it’s believable and catches everyone’s eye. A 3D animation video company will be able to nail this. 

#2 Be prepared to make amends

And multiple ones at that! At Stada Media we never expect our clients to be completely happy with the first version. There’s always areas of improvement, so if you embrace this from the start, your finished result will benefit from the care and attention.

#3 Scale to the real world

Scaling to the real world is important in ensuring your lighting behaves just as it would in reality. Remember, it’s meant to be a realistic model of the real object the client wants to market. The more convincing it is, the greater the effect on customers.

What next?
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Get in touch and let’s talk about your requirements, key objectives and video brief.

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We’ll then formulate some brilliant ideas to get the best results from your video project.

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Providing the best possible price that is competitive, fits with your budget and offers the best value.

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