4 Ways To Build Brand Trust Using Video

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to build brand trust. Today’s customers don’t miss a trick when it comes to false advertising and business failings.


Plus, with the rise in doing business online as a result of the pandemic, customers can’t go to shops and physically pick up a product. As a result, how are they to know if it’s right for them?

Therefore, businesses need to use better tactics to achieve transparency and prove themselves trustworthy to customers – and what do you know? At the top of the list is our favourite, video marketing!

Video is so powerful in building brand trust because it goes ten steps further than text, images or even someone standing in front of you. Watching a video from a business is like deep-diving into the business itself; it boasts the combination of high-quality visuals, incredible sound and strong emotional impact that drives customers to buy. This emotional impact is also the key driver of customer trust.


Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are probably the most powerful videos you can use to build brand trust.

Customers trust other customers – they’re unlikely to have an agenda for praising the business outside of genuinely sharing their positive experience. Plus, it’s pretty difficult to fake a good customer experience – and it’s obvious when you have.

A customer testimonial should first begin with the problem that the customer needed solving.

Next, bring in your product or service and show how it became the solution to that problem.

Finally, make sure the video effectively captures the customer’s satisfaction and recommendation of you to others!


3D models

3D models bring your product to the customer when your customer can’t go to the product. They’re one of the closest things to the real deal, designed to be ultra-realistic while also wowing the viewer with sleek and appealing visual effects.

3D visualisations have multiple benefits when it comes to building brand trust. Firstly, they significantly reduce customer queries about product features or functions – with so much detail right there in front of them, all they’re left to do is admire.

Secondly, a detailed and realistic 3D model of your product can seriously impress viewers, improving brand recall and encouraging shares of your video. Word-of-mouth remains one of the most powerful forms of marketing – so harness it by creating an ultra-shareable piece of content!

Interested in having a go for yourself? Find out how to create a 3D model here. Alternatively, get the experts to create a 3D visualisation for you.


Explainer videos

What’s going through a customer’s head before they buy? For most products or services – particularly if they can be complicated to explain or present – it’s the following.

  • Do I need this?
  • Can I afford this?
  • Do I understand this?
  • Will I know how to work it?
  • Is it the right product for my needs?


Give your customers the confidence to answer ‘yes!’ to all of these with a simple, straightforward explainer video.

If you’re bombarded with a lot of customer questions about your product or service and you’re worried about losing their trust – this one is for you.

Explainer videos simplify complex ideas and processes into a short, engaging and digestible piece of content. Your customer will leave the video feeling informed and confident about using your product or service. What’s more, you’ll probably experience your customer queries easing up, giving you more time to focus on other parts of your business.

However, you’ll undoubtedly still receive questions from new customers who may have never seen your videos. The solution here is to send them your explainer video(s) directly. As a result, this both offers them a much more effective answer to their question and drives more traffic to your video content.

Explainer videos should be a key part of your marketing arsenal. They tick all the boxes, both solving customer problems and spreading awareness of your brand.

We recommend using animation or motion graphics for your explainer video, as these techniques create simple visuals in line with the clarity you’re trying to achieve.

Read more here about why animated explainer videos are so effective.


Company videos

Finally, a company video can build brand trust simply by giving your customers a clearer overview of your business. In your company video you can highlight your company values and how you’re committed to them; this instills more customer faith in you and reminds them that they’re your top priority.

In addition, a company video can help to humanise your business by bringing the faces behind it to the forefront. For example, telling the story of your founder’s vision for the business will legitimise your mission and inspire your customers.

Also, don’t just highlight the top dogs in your company – make sure to show appreciation for everyone in the team. As a result, you’ll demonstrate an infectious team spirit that tells your customer you’re all working towards a shared goal: making their lives easier!


Building brand trust can seem daunting, and it can take time. However, using worthwhile techniques such as video can speed up the process and you can use it over and over again. Give it a try and see how you can strengthen your base of loyal customers!



Still need help with building your brand trust? We can produce a video for your business that ticks all your boxes – including the ones you didn’t even realise needed to be ticked. Get in touch with Stada Media about video production here.

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