5 Effective Ways to Increase Brand Interactions

While growing your audience on social media should be one of your key marketing goals, one of the main aims of social media marketing should also be forming a relationship and engaging in a two-way conversation with that audience.

Creating a social media presence that encourages users to ask questions, provide feedback and talk about their experiences directly will lead to an audience that is engaged and receptive to your brand’s message.

Fostering an online community around your business and attracting those interactions requires an active content strategy. Here are five key points to consider…

Create interactive content

This can be as simple as creating a post that poses a question related to your brand and the interests of your target audience, or taking advantage of inbuilt features such as polls, which are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories.

Social media contests and giveaways are also a fantastic way to increase interactions and generate interest around your products or services. Simply ask followers to like and comment on a post to enter, perhaps asking them to answer a specific question or send in a photo! (Remember, asking users to follow or share to enter a giveaway is against Facebook guidelines.)

Take advantage of real-time trends

Posting about a trending hashtag or topic will help you to increase your reach and pique the interest of users who enjoy taking part in the larger online conversation.

Monitor the trending section on Facebook and Twitter, and check Google Trends regularly. If there’s a particular topic or awareness day that is relevant to your brand and target audience, don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon!

Tell stories to evoke emotion

Unlike heavily promotional marketing, story-based content has the power to make an audience really feel something. It forms an emotional bond between brand and consumer, reinforcing brand awareness and compelling viewers to take action.

You could, for example, tell a customer success story (with their permission) and ask users to share their own experiences in the comments.

Learn from your audience

Be sure to take full advantage of the valuable insights that social media platforms provide. Check the performance of previous posts and determine which types of content are working in terms of engagement. Cut out anything that isn’t having the desired effect and include more of what your audience has enjoyed and interacted with in the past.

Timing is everything

Believe it or not, when you choose to post on social media is almost as important as what you post. If the majority of your audience isn’t online when you share your content, your engagement will suffer.

Determining when your followers are most active online — using inbuilt insight tools — will allow you to distribute your content for maximum effect.

Want to find out how to track engagement and other key social media metrics? Check out our simple guide here.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.