5 Effective Ways to Increase Customer Interaction

Growing your social media audience should be one of your key marketing goals. However, one of your main social media aims should also be customer interaction. This means cultivating a two-way relationship with customers.

Create a social media presence that encourages users to ask questions and talk about their experiences. This will directly lead to an engaged and receptive audience.

You should be shaping an online community around your business. What does this require? An active content strategy.

Here are five key ways to increase your customer interaction.

Create interactive content

For example, simply ask your audience a relevant question. Alternatively, take advantage of built-in features such as polls. These are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories.

Contests and giveaways are also a fantastic way to increase customer interaction and create interest. Simply ask followers to like and comment on a post to enter. You could perhaps ask them to answer a specific question or send in a photo! (Remember, asking users to follow or share to enter a giveaway is against Facebook guidelines.)

Take advantage of real-time trends

Posting about a trending hashtag or topic will help you increase your reach. In addition, it will interest users who take part in wider online conversations. What’s more, you’ll be boosting your customer interaction.

Monitor Facebook and Twitter’s trending sections, and check Google Trends regularly. Is there a particular topic or awareness day relevant to your brand and target audience? Don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon!

Tell stories to evoke emotion

Story-based content has the power to make an audience really feel something. Unlike heavy promotional content, it forms an emotional bond between brand and consumer. This reinforces brand awareness and increases customer interaction.

As a result, it will push users to actually buy from your business.

For example, tell a customer success story (with their permission). Then, ask users to share their own experiences. As a result, this creates a two-way conversation.

Learn from your audience

To increase your customer interaction, take full advantage of social media insights. Check the performance of previous posts and determine which types of content get engagement. Cut anything that isn’t performing well and include more of what your audience enjoys.

Timing is everything

When you choose to post on social media is almost as important as what you post. If the majority of your audience isn’t online when you post, your customer interaction will suffer.

Determine when your followers are most active online using inbuilt insight tools. This will allow you to distribute your content for maximum effect.

Boosting your customer interaction may take time, but it will be time well spent. Building up a solid community of loyal customers is invaluable for businesses today.

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