5 Graphic Design Styles To Consider In Your Marketing In 2022

Setting your brand apart visually through compelling graphic design styles has become essential to staying relevant in any industry.


The marketplace is getting more saturated by the day, and you need to know what graphic design techniques to incorporate to cut through the noise!

Our graphic designers are integral to the high quality work we produce here at Stada Media. So, we thought it was only right to put together this guide on the best graphic design styles to consider this year.

We guarantee that using any of these styles will inject the visual freshness your brand needs to stay on top of its game. Let’s get straight into it!


1. Simplified logos

graphic design styles

The graphic design style of minimalism has come back in a big way in recent years, with many of the world’s best-known brands stripping back their logos to more simplified versions.

For example, Burger King’s much-loved logo recently underwent what you might call a ‘clean up’ (shown above). This simplification of the famous Burger King logo signalled the brand’s alignment with current trends in graphic design styles. Furthermore, it showed the company’s need to stay relevant to today’s consumers.

The logo uses slightly more muted colours in a flat, minimalist and retro design, but the unmistakable burger visual remains.

graphic design styles

In addition, we recently produced this logo for our client, Sustainaboard. As in Burger King’s latest logo, we used a minimalist, flat design for the image on the left of the logo. This represents Sustainaboard’s trade of recycled synthetic boards. The rest of the logo is also kept simple, with clean, bold lettering.


2. Authentic brand photography

stada media team

Photography is often a very important part of whatever graphic design style you choose to use. It adds a human element to a design and points to the kind of people relevant to your brand. But don’t just use any photography!

Don’t rely on stock imagery

Creating your own brand photography is recommended for building a consistent, recognisable and authentic brand presence.

It may seem tempting to rely on stock imagery for every design. However, stock photos often dilute a brand’s personality and limit the opportunity to make your imagery entirely your own.

For example, the photo above is from one of our live streaming shoots. You instantly get the feeling that the Stada Media team is fun, friendly and has great relationships with each other.

Diversity and consistency

Having your own brand photography is also an opportunity to address issues of diversity in your visuals (which we’ll explain more later in this post).

Furthermore, having complete control over the colour and lighting of your photos makes it easier for your photography to blend in well with your designs overall. As a result, your branding will become more consistent and recognisable across your business.


3. Bold & fun data visualisation

graphic design styles

(Source: Mashable/Seagate)

Over recent years, audiences have got used to charts and graphs in marketing as a way to strengthen their trust in brands. Especially since the pandemic, the use of statistics has become a clear and strong medium of communication.

Now audiences are used to this type of design, it’s time to kick the graphic design styles we use to visualise data up a notch! Presenting information in a way that audiences won’t expect will make your brand a lot more memorable.

Consider using bold and fun designs (like the example above) to present your data. This not only makes the information more engaging, it makes you stand out as a thought leader by creating a highly recognisable brand identity.


4. Inclusive visuals

graphic design styles

While many aspects of graphic design styles are subject to personal preference, one thing is certainly not up for debate: the need for audiences to see themselves in your marketing.

This goes beyond simply tailoring your designs to your target audience – which is highly important in itself in a content marketing strategy.

If your designs are not inclusive (especially if your company focuses on people or inclusivity) of minority groups, these groups will not trust or warm to your brand. Why? Because they will not believe you have them in mind when you market your products or services.

As a result, you’ll not only present your brand as a little ignorant when it comes to social responsibility in marketing… You’ll also alienate a large portion of the market!

Therefore, make sure you think about who you’re highlighting in your design assets. In particular, think about race, age, gender and disability representation – and show these groups fairly in both photography and graphic designs.


5. Serif fonts

serif font

(Source: Post Pre-Press Group)

As well as bold and colourful, trends in graphic design styles are also signalling a return to more traditional looks. Retro styles are mixing in with modern, and designers are increasingly using serif fonts (as shown above) to create a feeling of sophistication.

Just look at these examples from some well-known brands:

graphic design styles

Serif fonts, if they fit with your brand, create a refined, clean presence for your brand. They send a message of maturity and professionalism – whilst avoiding being dull and corporate.


2022 is definitely the year to break out of your usual habits when it comes to design. Try out some of these up-to-date graphic design styles and see what they can do for your business!


Need some help with your branding and design assets? Stada Media’s design team are here to lend an expert hand. We have over a decade of experience, so we know what makes great design.

Learn more about our graphic design services here, and get in touch with us about graphic design for your business here.

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