5 Killer Corporate Video Ideas For Your Business

Corporate videos don’t have to be flat and dull. That association with ‘corporate’ has long been left in the past. Therefore, with your corporate video ideas, we give you permission to be bold, exciting and engaging. After all, that’s what video production does best.

Not considered video before for your business? Video is the most powerful marketing tool today. Why? It’s got the whole package: it’s informative and inspiring, while remaining digestible and engaging.

Video is all about visuals and sound coming together to create a special concoction of information that sticks in your brain like glue.

In the crazy busy and saturated market today, everyone is shouting over each other to be heard. Therefore, disrupting this market and keeping your audience’s attention is essential.

So, we thought we’d lend a hand. We’ve collated a list of 5 of the best corporate video ideas to start you off. Think of it as a starter pack to your video marketing journey; these videos will cover every part of your business you need to get it off the ground – or rocketing even further towards the marketing stratosphere!

Then, when you know what kind of corporate video you want and need, check out our list of things a corporate video should include.


1. Company overview video

A company overview video is pretty self-explanatory. It gives your audience a good summary of who you are, what you do and what benefits your product or service has for your customer.

A company overview kicks off our list of corporate video ideas because it also makes a perfect first video for your business. A company overview video sets a solid foundation for further videos and other marketing content. This is because, with the summary, you will hopefully have gathered an interested audience who will welcome more.

For example, take a look at this company overview video we created for our client BSP Hydraulics.

At impressive speed, it takes the viewer through a neat and engaging summary of the company’s history, product offerings, achievements and values.

In addition, you’ll notice how text is used to highlight important points, as well as relevant and insightful footage of the company at work.

Finally, the company also hammers home their emphasis on important relationships by using varied voiceovers from different members of the team.


2. Meet the team video

This is where your audience gets to know your team as individuals. It’s alright talking about the company as a whole, or emphasising senior figures such as the CEO. However, this doesn’t go far enough in creating meaningful and humanised connections between you and your customers.

It’s a well-oiled argument that what companies sell isn’t actually their products or services – it’s their people. People power is what brings in interested customers.

Therefore, consider a ‘meet the team’ video in your corporate video ideas. Focus on individual members of the team, their roles and their personalities. Ask them to comment on their role in the company, as well as having a bit of fun!

For example, we created this video for Egton that focuses on the team on their service desk.


You can really see the team’s passion for customer service shine through. In addition, you get to hear from everyone – building up an image of solid teamwork.


3. Product promo video

Amongst your corporate video ideas, there’s got to be some sales in there. Although we recommend not going sales crazy with your marketing, it’s important to incorporate it. Therefore, a product promo video is the perfect next step after your company overview and team videos.

In your product promo video, make sure you include what your product does, how it works and its benefits. You can go into these areas in more detail in separate videos if you like. However, for now, keep these brief and to the point.

Furthermore, and this is crucial – you must include a call to action. If you’re making a promotional video, you have to tell your audience how to find out more or buy your product. If you don’t, your viewers will scroll right on past and all your hard work will be for nothing!

For example, check out this product promo video we created for cosmetics brand Plump It!

The video clearly shows what the product does, its benefits and where to find it. The music and backdrop also amp up the excitement around the product whilst fitting seamlessly with Plump It!’s branding.


4. FAQ video

Chances are, especially if you recently launched your business, your customers will have questions. These questions can become common questions. As a result, before you know it, you’re spending all your time answering them instead of developing your business.

A Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ video can solve this problem. So, definitely consider it in your corporate video ideas! All you need to do is direct your customers to this video and have it in a prominent place on your website and other channels.

For example, you might get a lot of the same questions about how your product works. You can answer these in your video by incorporating a product demonstration. Alternatively, you might get general questions about delivery and returns. You can answer these quickly and easily in your video, too.

For instance, check out this example by music production software and hardware company Native Instruments:

The company answers their frequently asked questions with a mix of talking to camera and interspersing footage of the product in use.

Also, the background music wraps the viewer in what the company is about – good quality music production.

Finally, the video displays the questions as text, making them easier to remember as they’re answered. With all of these different elements, the video remains very engaging.


5. Behind-the-scenes video

As well as showing your viewers the polished, finished product of your work, it’s also effective to give them a look behind it. Behind-the-scenes videos, whatever the ‘scenes’ might be (literal or not), highlight the work that goes into what you offer.

For example, you could take your viewers on a tour around the factory where your product is made. This extra insight into the process adds value to your business and builds trust for your customers.

Alternatively, your ‘behind-the-scenes’ might be quite literal. Your company might have shot a video for your marketing, and now want to show how it was made.

This is exactly what we created for pet food brand Wagg on behalf of our agency friends at Finn. Along with a social media video campaign, they also wanted to show their audience behind the scenes.

How did we handle that many dogs at once and still achieve great shots? Watch to find out!

We hope this post is a good introduction to your foray into video marketing. Think of it as the 5-step road to video marketing success!

If your corporate video ideas run dry, always return to this blog post. Even if you’ve done them all, are there any you could rework or update? Can you look at any from a different angle?


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The Stada Media team are video production wizards. If you’re finding your current ways of communicating with customers just aren’t cutting it, get in touch for expert video production – now!

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