5 Reasons Why Start-Ups Should Use An Animated Explainer Video

The popularity of explainer videos has soared over the past couple of years. An animated explainer video, in particular, is a clear favourite with businesses and internet users alike. They’re both affordable and effective in growing a business, so they’re the perfect marketing tool for start-ups who are looking to take their business to the next level.

Are you a start-up? Here are just a handful of reasons why you should integrate an animated explainer video into your marketing campaign.



They can explain your business or product in seconds

Grabbing and holding the attention of an internet user is no small feat. Attention spans are on the decline and people crave information that is quick and to digest.

An animated explainer video will simplify the process of explaining your start-up and give you the power to explain your business or product – and what makes them so special – in just a matter of seconds. This is particularly useful for start-ups who have taken on a new or unfamiliar concept.

Most of us are visual learners. Therefore, a video will give potential customers a much better understanding of a product than anything in written form. And, when produced to a high standard, animated explainer videos are compelling and entertaining as well as informative.-


They strengthen brand awareness and customer relationships

It’s essential for a start-up to establish a strong, recognisable identity; a face to put to a name. This is especially important for online businesses where direct contact with customers is few and far between.

Every element of an animated explainer video can be crafted and controlled to suit your company’s vision. It is, therefore, possible to create a video that not only explains your product but also conveys your company’s personality and culture. This will help you to build that all important connection with the customer.

Using your brand’s chosen colour scheme to the video is a great start. Choose characters, music and graphics to connect with your audience on a more personal and emotional level.


They are relatively easy to make

Compared to a live-action video, making an animated explainer video is relatively hassle-free. You bypass the lengthy pre-production, production and post-production steps that could cost your start-up precious time and money.

Once you’ve chosen a video production company that can help to bring your creative ideas to life, an animated explainer video is a hands-off project. It can be completed in as little as two weeks and it won’t take the producer anywhere other than their workstation!


They’ll give you a better search engine ranking

Due to recent trends, videos are given a much higher ranking on search engines. So, embed a video on your homepage and your website has a much better chance of being among top results.

Making an animated explainer video the focal point of your homepage will also help to reduce your site’s bounce rate. According to Mist Media, the average internet user spends 88% more time on a site with video, which gives you more time to make an impression!


They are easily shareable

An explainer video doesn’t have to just be on your website. You also have the opportunity to upload it directly to YouTube – the second largest search engine – and other social networks. Make sure you video is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Video is shared 1200% more than text and links on social media, so posting an animated explainer video could drastically improve your online visibility.

Social media will also give you multiple platforms to promote your start-up and will allow you engage more effectively with potential customers.


They increase conversion rates and sales

Internet users are far more likely to purchase a product if they have seen an accompanying explainer video. 85% more likely in fact, according to a recent study. Having a product explained in a clear and engaging manner increases a customer’s trust in the brand and confidence in the product.

Explainer videos also give budding business owners another opportunity to collect useful statistics. How many viewers could become actual customers? Which product interests potential customers the most if you create separate videos for multiple products?


Want to learn more about creating animated explainer videos? Speak to Stada Media. We’re experts in 2D and £d animation, motion graphics and much more! See what we can do, then get your video production quote!

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