5 Things We’ve Learned As A Video Marketing Agency In 2020

In 2020, there has been an unprecedented transformation in how we do video marketing. Not just here at Stada Media, but all over the world. The restrictive challenges we’ve faced as a video marketing agency this year have forced us to find safer ways of working and more creative ways of communicating.


Video marketing is an extremely valuable resource and a ray of light for businesses who have felt stuck in the dark in 2020. It’s the most effective way of communicating with customers, as well as the most popular medium with audiences. We’re proud to have used our creativity and drive to help businesses this year, and excited to continue doing so in 2021.

Think local, think live, and think online – these are the key trends that have developed as a result of the hardships of 2020.

“We’ve had to make big, unexpected decisions this year, such as switching to fully remote working and adapting to the new restrictions for filming,” says Stada Media CEO, Danny Lacey. “I’m so proud of the team for adapting to every change we’ve had to make, and I believe it’s made the business stronger as a result. Many other businesses have experienced restrictions, and we’ve been right there with them as the demand for video has grown.”

Here are the top 5 things we’ve learned as a video marketing agency this year.


1. Local businesses are very adaptable to sudden change

“When the economy is hit hard, you should first and foremost be looking out for your local businesses,” says Danny. “They’re not the giants that dominate the market, but they rely on local support. You only have to pop down your road to help a local business.”

In 2020, along with national clients, we’ve worked with a number of local businesses responding to the surge in online activity.


BSP Hydraulics

BSP Hydraulics are based in Normanton, West Yorkshire. They needed a video marketing agency to create an eye-catching video giving a good overview of their company that they could share online. They reached out to us with the brief, and we got stuck right in.

“The BSP Hydraulics video is a great example of a local business understanding that, online, you need to use a powerful medium like video to promote your business effectively,” says Danny. “Working on this project was extremely rewarding – because it was immediately clear the benefits the business would see from investing in video marketing.” 

This video will introduce BSP Hydraulics in the best way possible to new customers who may be looking for their products on the web. Take a look:


Akula Living

Another exciting local project we worked on was for Leeds-based Akula Living. Akula Living manufacture high-quality outdoor furniture for the hospitality industry, and wanted us to create a video telling their company story. Again, this would introduce them to new online customers in a tough time – especially, in their case, for hospitality.

Here are a couple of stills from the video, for which we interviewed Akula Living CEO, Tim Appleton.

video marketing agency akula living still
video marketing agency akula living still 2


Wakefield Bondholders

Furthermore, in our very own district of Wakefield, we’re proud to have been working with Wakefield Bondholders. Wakefield Bondholders are a private sector initiative to accelerate the growth of Wakefield’s businesses. So, it’s high time we returned the favour! Although we can’t reveal the project just yet, we recently filmed something exciting for them and we can’t wait to share it.


Here are some behind-the-scenes shots:

video marketing agency wakefield bondholders filming
video marketing agency wakefield bondholders filming 2
video marketing agency wakefield bondholders filming 3


We’ve worked with many more local businesses both this year and previously. If you want to discover more of our work, head to our portfolio!


2. Video production is just as exciting for students as it’s always been

We ended our year with a bang in our district by welcoming students from Wakefield College on a week’s Virtual Placement in video production. The week involved:

  • An employer engagement session with an overview of the company and job roles
  • A virtual tour of the company premises
  • A virtual team meeting with the full Stada Media team
  • An employability video project for the students to complete

During the placement, the students used the knowledge they’d gained from us to create 90-second videos. These could be used to promote themselves to future employers.

Finally, Danny gave the students feedback on their work, which will prove very valuable to them going forward.


“There are some future stars here”

We really enjoyed talking to the students about our careers and experience in the industry, which is growing by the second. Here’s what Danny had to say about the placement week:

“It was a pleasure to offer the students an insight into working in the media industry – and what it’s like to work at a video production company.

“It wasn’t exactly a normal work placement week, but it highlighted how important technology is right now and that working together virtually can still be effective.

“We are all about using video as a powerful marketing tool to promote your business. The students created some inspiring work using video to promote themselves. They really understood the medium and how to best get their message across – there are some future stars here.”


“The whole process cemented my love for the industry”

We also got some amazing feedback from the students who took part in the placement. Here’s a snapshot:

James T: “Thank you so much for the amazing week and the insight into what it’s like to be a part of a media company. The whole process was fascinating and cemented my love of the industry. I wish everyone the best and I can’t thank you enough.

“And to Danny, thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule to see what we can do and give us experience in what it is like to be a part of a media company. Another thank you for setting some work and seeing my skills. All the best, peace out.

As a video marketing agency, we’re proud that we were able to help college students on their career journeys and promote the video industry. It’s been a tough year for creatives, but with this talent on the horizon, it might not be so bad after all.


3. Webinars have become a top choice for video marketing

Another one of our 2020 highlights was hosting two live webinars about video and what it’s like working with a video marketing agency. We’d produced live streams for clients before, but this was the first time we’d hosted our own. Both were a huge success, and we’re looking forward to doing more in the future.

We hosted ‘Everything You Need To Know About Video For Your Business‘ on 30 September, right from the Stada Media office. You can still watch it on our YouTube channel here:

We were very pleased with how the webinar went, so we were delighted when we got the chance to host one again for Wakefield First.

“Producing these webinars was so much fun, with the whole team getting involved in front of or behind the camera,” says Danny. “In the webinars, I shared all the video knowledge we as a video marketing agency have built up over the last 10 years. I also hosted some great discussions with the team about different areas of video production. Live broadcasting is such a thrill, and we can’t wait to do more in 2021.”

Due to restrictions on physical events in 2020, webinars have shot up in popularity. The virtual format is convenient, fast and engaging. What’s more, you can kill two birds with one stone when you keep the video up for people to replay again and again!

Find out more about the power of live streaming for customer engagement in our blog post here.


4. Clear communication in healthcare is more important than ever

Nothing has been spoken about more this year than healthcare. Its importance has become even more starkly clear in 2020, and we’re determined to help healthcare clients help others.

For progress in healthcare, you need streamlined digital systems that maximise organisation and productivity. To communicate these often complex systems as clearly as possible, you need video.


EMIS Health, Radar Healthcare & GE Healthcare

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating valuable animated explainer videos for clients such as EMIS Health and Radar Healthcare. Take a look at some examples:


We’ve also worked with big names such as GE Healthcare, producing a live stream for them to promote their IT and manufacturing capabilities. We’re very proud that they chose us as their video marketing agency to help them in a tough time.

video marketing agency ge healthcare filming


“It’s been so fulfilling helping the healthcare industry this year, and we’re determined to achieve even more for them in 2021,” says Danny. “It’s become clear to us that our video services are vital for healthcare clients to communicate important messages to their customers.”

Read more on how the healthcare industry is using video here.


5. Hiring the best talent is crucial in stabilising your business in a rocky period

Finally, the biggest progress often comes from within. We’ve made some exciting hires in the second half of 2020, starting with our sales department.

Ben Dews joined us in August as our Director of Business Development. Ben has helped us to accelerate our sales capabilities, build amazing relationships and secure more dream clients.

Following close behind was Dave Smith, our new Marketing Manager who joined us in November. Dave brings a wealth of marketing experience and he’s already been getting stuck into the goals we need to achieve in 2021.

“I take recruitment very seriously, and these two appointments have been key to our continual fast growth as a video marketing agency going into 2021,” says Danny. “I’m excited to see where else Ben and Dave can take us.”


What lessons has 2020 taught you? Feel free to share with us!

Looking ahead to next year, check out our top 8 video marketing trends for 2021.


If you’re looking to start 2021 with a bang, get in touch with us at Stada Media to talk about your next video project. Make it your New Year’s resolution to maximise your marketing potential!

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