5 Tips For A Successful Live Streaming Production

There’s one thing everyone knows about live streaming production, and it’s that you only get one shot with your audience. You don’t have the luxury of retakes and polished edits.

However, you DO have the advantage of interacting with your audience in real time. As a result, you’re able to increase engagement and boost customer relationships.


Why should you live stream an event or conference?

Live streaming has multiple benefits: it’s great for celebrating a new launch, demonstrating a product or simply bonding with your target audience. As you’ll see in our live streaming showreel above, nearly any event is capable of being live streamed.

With live streaming, you have the opportunity to harness today’s customers’ appetite for live content to boost your traffic and sales. Its temporary nature means people are more likely to talk about it, share it and savour it while it’s still around.

You can read more about the benefits of live streaming production for your customer engagement here. We’ve even written a step-by-step guide for live streaming an event.

For now, though, we’re going to give you our top 5 tips for pulling off a successful live stream. If you’ve never live streamed before, welcome to the party. If you have, see how many of these tips you already implement into your live streaming – and which ones you could improve on!


Our top 5 tips for live streaming an event or conference

Tip 1: Plan your live stream event thoroughly

This is something you really can’t avoid if, on a basic level, you want your live stream to be a success. If you’ve already gone live and something goes wrong or you forget what you’re doing – it’s too late! Therefore, make sure you’ve prepared as much as you can for every eventuality before you hit ‘go live’.

However, planning isn’t just about eliminating the risk of things going wrong. It also simply means that you know what you’re going to do and in what order.

Deciding what’s going to be in your live streaming production should be informed by 2 things: what you’re trying to achieve, and what your audience wants to see. Work out a solid schedule that keeps viewers engaged as much as possible (although it’s inevitable that, on a live stream, not everyone will watch from beginning to end), and make sure you know it inside out.

This brings us to our next point… practising!


Tip 2: Do a full run-through

As an extension of planning your live streaming production, it’s also important to physically run through it before you go live to iron out any creases. It’s common that when people practice their live streams before the day, they notice a few things they need to tidy up. As a result, you’ll be glad you spotted them before it was too late!

To prepare for your run-through (and eventually, the stream itself), get together any scripts and notes you may need. It’s ok if your audience sees these, as it shows you’re prepared and you’ve got content to give them. So, don’t be afraid to use them again on the day to keep your live stream on track.


Tip 3: Promote your live stream event

If you jump into your live streaming production without anyone knowing about it, what was the point of all your planning, preparation and investment? This is why you need to promote your live stream heavily in the build-up to the day.

For most businesses, this will largely be on social media. It’s where the large majority of us now get our information about news and events. However, you might also have other popular channels you can utilise for your live stream promotion.

Think eye-catching graphics, quick video promos and enticing copy. The content should tell your audience what the live stream is about and what it can offer them in a nutshell. Your promotional content should leave people unable to shake the temptation of watching your live stream out of their heads!

Furthermore, ensure your promotion is consistent. You might want to share content as frequently as daily, or you can post a few times a week. Whatever it is, give them another reason to watch your live stream each time you post.


Tip 4: Interact with your viewers

In live streaming production, that ‘live’ bit really is important. For instance, it means your audience can ask questions and comment in real time. This has a double benefit: you’re entertaining your viewers with quality content whilst building real relationships with them.

To accelerate this, encourage your audience to send questions and feedback in the comments and live chats. As a result, you’ll be able to respond to them, gain their trust and potentially solve any queries they have.

Your target audience all share the same wants and needs from your business. Therefore, when you answer others’ questions, the remaining viewers will still feel like you’re interacting with them.


Tip 5: Stream across multiple platforms

Finally, make sure you’re reaching as many relevant viewers as possible. Your target audience might be active on more than one platform, so you should match this with your distribution.

Popular live streaming platforms include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. All the big players in the social media world are now big on live streaming production.

Alternatively, you can use platforms specifically made for live streaming, such as Twitch and Periscope.

Streaming in multiple places means you’re capturing as many potential customers as possible. In addition, it maximises your live stream’s chances of being shared!


Are you ready for your live stream? Refer back to these tips if you’re losing confidence. Plus, remember that live streaming is an art that needs to be continuously refined until you can do it seamlessly!


At Stada Media, we produce all kinds of bespoke video – including live streams of conferences and events. So, if you’d like to hand over the reins to an expert live streaming team, get in touch.

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