5 Types Of Company Videos Your Business Needs

Having just one video for your business is a great asset and means you can communicate much more effectively with your audience. However, having multiple company videos at your disposal means you can achieve many goals at once.


Whether you’re trying to connect on a more human level with customers or train new staffvideo production can make this possible. Video acts as a whole new member of your marketing or sales team, providing your business with an exciting way of communicating with potential customers!

But why is this? Well, we’ve talked a lot about the power of video on the blog – read here about the cost-effectiveness of video marketing for small businesses; find out how video builds brand trust; and discover how video can vastly improve your search engine ranking.

However, the long and the short of it is this: video is a much more powerful marketing medium than mere text or images alone. For instance, 74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery. It’s quicker and easier to digest, with its combination of sound and visuals making for entertaining and memorable viewing.

Whilst this is great to know, you still need to be aware of everything you can do with video, and when. It’s no use throwing together any old footage and expecting results. Therefore, we’ve given you a starter pack of 5 different video types your business can take advantage of. After putting these into action, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank – or whatever your goal happens to be!


Company overview video

First up, the company overview – a very common first video for businesses who have never previously taken the leap into video marketing. It gives viewers a peek at a little bit of everything – team, premises, products, values and processes. Then, it’s all wrapped up in a neat little bow – that bow often being some motion graphics, music and voiceover.

Check out our example above – a company overview video we produced for our client BSP Hydraulics.

The reason why a company overview is such a good first video for a business is that it doesn’t necessarily have one specific goal. In fact, if all you want to do to start with is simply boost brand awareness, it’s perfect. Company overviews give viewers a really clear and memorable summary of who you are and what you do, allowing you to make your mark in your industry. Job done.

Once you’ve achieved this, you might want to move into more specific lines of attack. Do you want to shout about a particular product launch? Is your team full of great personalities that are an asset to the business? Keep reading for more options for the company videos your business could create.


Team video

Next up in essential company videos: the team video. In this kind of video, it’s all about the people in your company who make it all happen. Zone in on individual team members and what they bring to the business. Then, ‘zoom out’ and demonstrate how your collective team spirit brings exciting results for customers.

The above example is a team video we created for Egton to show how their service desk team operates and works together. 

You’ve got a few options with your team video. You could focus on the roles within your company and keep it more professional. Alternatively, you could show your team having fun together and let their personalities shine. Or, for maximum impact, you could aim for a bit of both!

As a result, your viewers will feel like they know your business a lot better – and on a human level. Furthermore, a popular team often equals a popular business and, consequentially, higher sales.


Product video

Thirdly, what about your products? Arguably, out of all of these ideas for company videos, this is what your viewers REALLY want to see. After they’ve been wooed by your great team and impressive resources, of course!

product video can reveal all the benefits your product brings to your customers (first and foremost – then you can have a bit of fun and show off the cool features, too).

Check out the product video above that we created for Brisk, a beard grooming brand. They needed to show off the benefits of their product while communicating their fun brand voice.

It’s common to simply use live-action video to show off physical products – after all, this shows the real thing. However, sometimes your product hasn’t been made yet, and you’re just wanting to show it prospectively. In this case, you might want to use 3D visualisation or animation to create a realistic impact. As a result, you’ll be able to build hype around an upcoming product and answer any customer questions easily.

Repurposing your product videos

Furthermore, you can repurpose product videos in multiple ways. Firstly, they can really spruce up your website’s product pages if you’re looking to decrease the bounce rate (the speed at which people exit your website after viewing it). Having a video in place of, or in addition to, product images can help to engage the prospect. Plus, the further transparency you get with a video versus an image will encourage them to buy.

Secondly, you could share your product videos on social media. If they’re going on your product pages, they’re probably going to be short – and this is perfect for social media, too. Social media users want and expect content that’s short and sweet. So, a quick and eye-catching product video on their feed will most definitely do the trick in bringing in more sales.


Training video

Do you find yourself having to re-train staff yourself over and over again when new ones come through the door? Company videos can save the day again, with a training video being your perfect solution. All you’ve got to do is send them the link or file, and away you go – they’ve got a resource they can keep going back to. As a result, you’ll be saving a lot of time and money that you could use for developing the business instead.

For example, the video above is a look ‘behind the project’ at a corporate video training series we created for Toyota Material Handling. The company wanted to create some videos to use instead of travelling long distances to train up staff. Because they were training staff on physical machinery (forklift trucks), live-action made the most sense for us to use.

Like with product videos, a training video offers a choice of different techniques. For a physical piece of equipment, it’s best to use live-action filming for full transparency. However, if you’re training staff on a new piece of software, motion graphics offer a smooth and straightforward viewing experience.

Find out more about staff training videos here.


Explainer video

Last but not least, an explainer video. Explainer videos are great for companies with topics that are complex, intangible or simply a little dry. Video brings these concepts to life and makes them as simple as possible for the viewer. As a result, it can explain an idea or process a lot more effectively, and a lot quicker, than you may be able to over the phone or in writing.

Explainer videos might not usually be seen as ‘company videos’. This is because they focus on explaining a process, not so much the business itself. However, explainer videos work to build up your thought leader status in your industry. Contrary to what some might think, a lot of marketing today is simply about providing value to your audience, not hard selling.

Read more about how to increase customer engagement with an explainer video here. In addition, find out why animated explainer videos are so effective here.

So, which one of these 5 company videos are you going to have a go at for your business? Will you start with a comprehensive overview video or zone in on one of your products that needs a little love? Why not do both?


Whatever it is, Stada Media can help you get there. We’ve got bags of experience making each one of these types of videos, and we’ll get stuck right into your business to make yours.

Get in touch with our expert video team today.

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