5 Ways To Repurpose Video Content For Maximum Exposure

So, you’ve created a video for your business. You’ve uploaded it to Youtube, added it to your website and shared the link on social media. Despite getting some initial views and engagement, results are beginning to plateau. What now? Is that it for your video investment? Definitely not! There are many different ways to repurpose video content.

Repurposing video increases its lifespan and exposure — and the return on your investment! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Break your video into shorter clips for social media

We live in an age of low attention spans and immediate gratification. Social media users crave content that is short and to the point. In fact, reports show that 45% of viewers stop watching a video after just one minute.

Repurpose video content by breaking it down into smaller chunks. Then, you can share these regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. For example, making your video into a series will keep your viewers coming back for more!

Bonus tip: Don’t just post the YouTube link – upload your bite-sized videos to platforms directly. Algorithms prioritise native video over links, and as a result, you’ll get more views!

Switch over to the written word

If we tell you to repurpose video content into written, it might seem counterproductive. After all, video is by far the internet’s favourite type of content. However, there are multiple benefits to transcribing your video and sharing the text as a blog post.

Firstly, this will help search engines index your content. Furthermore, it will give you an extra opportunity to include valuable keywords that will increase your search engine ranking. Reports show that companies that blog receive 434% more indexed pages, on average!

And, there’s definitely no harm in embedding your video in your blog post as well. Incorporating video into a blog post attracts three times more inbound links!

Create a slideshow presentation

If you’re a B2B business, you could repurpose video content in a slideshow presentation. For example, using interesting stills to catch the audience’s attention. Animated explainer videos are especially suited to this.

As a result, you won’t only have some impressive high-quality slides for your next client meeting. In addition, you’re also able to upload your presentation to SlideShare — the YouTube of slideshows. Furthermore, you can share it with other businesses and professionals on LinkedIn!

Use the audio for a podcast

Podcasts have a huge audience because they are hands-free and convenient; you can listen whilst you drive, whilst you’re washing up and whilst you exercise. The ultimate multi-tasking format!

If your video is of an educational nature or includes interesting interviews with industry professionals, it might be possible to use the audio for a podcast. However, this depends on your content still making sense without any visuals! As a result, it will give your audience another way to digest your content. On top of this, you might well find yourself a whole new audience on iTunes or other podcasting platforms.

Reuse the clips that work

However, what if your video is completely outdated? Perhaps you’ve changed your branding or your content doesn’t live up to current trends.

You don’t necessarily need to start from scratch. If you have a few clips that still work, there’s no harm in reusing them in a new video. Any good video production company will be happy to rework your old videos. For instance, they can update them with a bit of fresh footage and newer graphics. As a result, you’ll be saving precious time, money and resources!

Want to learn more about using video to promote your business? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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