6 Video Content Marketing Myths That Could Be Putting You Off Video

There are always going to be different do’s and don’ts surrounding video content marketing, and there isn’t a definitive set of rules telling you exactly how your corporate video should be.

Every video is unique and will be made to attract different audiences for different purposes – there’s not a one-rule-for-all attitude. However, some people get put off using video because they think it’s too expensive or too complicated to execute. This isn’t the case. So, we’re here to flatten these six video content marketing myths…

1. “Every video should be under three minutes”

Not necessarily. Although we have mentioned that shorter videos keep viewers more engaged, it doesn’t mean that every single video has to stay under 3 minutes.

If your message is intriguing enough to keep people watching for longer, then that’s obviously a positive thing. Some videos simply won’t be as effective if they are cut short. Therefore, don’t compromise on content just to make your video fit in the ‘preferred length bracket.’

If a consumer is genuinely interested in the product you’re selling, or the ethos behind your company, then they will watch your video regardless of the length (assuming it’s not as long as a feature length film!).

2. “The social media and online presence buzz will eventually die down”

You might think that having a video online and sharing it over social media sites is just the ‘in thing’ at the moment. You might think its popularity won’t last forever. Well, we think it will – in fact we believe this is just the beginning.

Nowadays, everywhere you look there are videos being shared and there are so many devices you can watch them on. Mobiles, laptops, tablets and so on. Technology is constantly evolving and you don’t want to miss out on having a really fun yet informative video to share with your potential clients just because you didn’t think they’d be as necessary in a years time.

In fact they will probably be more necessary further down the line because your viewers want to see you evolving and constantly being up to date, and your video will be the key factor in doing this.

According to Facebook Media, over the last year the number of video posts per person has increased by 75%. That’s not a figure to be ignored.

3. “Video production is really expensive”

This is a common video content marketing myth. Some people are immediately put off having a video produced because they believe video production is expensive. This isn’t the case!

If you really don’t want to get a video production company involved to help you get started, then you can of course buy or rent your own equipment and film it yourself. However, this might not always achieve the most professional result. So, you need to be sure you are totally confident with what you are doing. We recently wrote a post containing tips on making your own corporate video. It’s definitely worth a read if this is the direction you’re heading.

However, if you do decide that hiring a video production company is the best way to go (we think it is, but then again we are slightly biased) it still doesn’t mean it will cost you the world. It all depends on the type of video you need, the amount of people that will be in it, where it will be filmed and how many crew members will be needed on the shoots.

It’s always good to remember that production companies don’t set out to drain you of as much money as possible. It works to our benefit too if we create a good repertoire with our clients… Because this means they will hopefully recommend us to other businesses that are considering having a video produced. It wouldn’t work in our favour if we charged astronomical prices that people simply couldn’t afford to pay. That would mean no video for you and no business for us.

4. “Going viral is the only way to get noticed”

Another common content marketing myth is that having your video go viral is one of the best things to happen. The types of videos that go viral are usually humorous or shocking and that’s the reason they get people talking and sharing them between friends. They are usually very different to the types of videos that you would want for your company. In fact, it’s unlikely that going viral would really greatly benefit you.

Just because lots of people are seeing your video, does’t mean they are the right people that you should be targeting. Going viral could even damage your image if it means you have created a shocking video just to get that type of attention.

The number of views your video is getting shouldn’t be your main priority. It’s more important that the people who do view your video are then acting on it – either visiting your website or ringing you to enquire for more information. If someone’s gained enough interest from your video to act upon, that’s proof that your video is doing its job.

5. “Video production is time-consuming”

Similar to video cost, some people believe it will take too long to make a video, therefore it isn’t worthwhile. Filming can range from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the amount of people involved and how technical the shoots are. If you hire a company (like us), then all the pre-production planning will determine how long the shoot will take. If you want your video filming in your offices, you can see exactly how long we would be there for. And it’s usually quicker than you think.

If you create the video yourself then it’s likely that it will take you slightly longer if you aren’t familiar with how to edit the footage together. Or, if you need a bit more time working out how to structure everything you’ve filmed. However, don’t let this put you off. It can be a really fun process and you will definitely learn more as you go on.

6. “The content isn’t important”

So your video contains loads of fancy motion graphics. It has a voiceover to rival Morgan Freeman. And your location is more impressive than Buckingham Palace. Surely that will make everyone that watches it want to immediately ring you for more information, right?


Just because your video might look good it doesn’t instantly mean that it is good. Don’t ever forget the relevance of content.

With videos becoming increasingly popular it’s vital that yours has the ability to grab viewers attention for all the right reasons. Don’t lose out on potential customers because you’ve got so carried away with making the video look good, instead of focusing on how the content will engage and entice your audience.

If you’re considering video marketing, please don’t let these six video content marketing myths put you off. Give us a call, drop us a message, Tweet us or tag us – we’d love to start a conversation and see how our video production services can boost your business!

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