8 Video Marketing Trends For 2021

As we wrap up the year, it’s obvious to everyone that 2020 has been a real spanner in the works. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an incredible influence on the ways we communicate and market our businesses. Overall, we’re seeing that the video marketing trends of 2020 have already gained a solid place in 2021.


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First of all, there’ll continue to be a massive emphasis on live video – whether that’s webinars, live-streamed events or video conferencing.

What’s more, there’ll be even more trust and interest in video. More and more people will see it as a real asset to invest time and money in.

Finally, augmented reality will continue to thrive – because it’s already shown how effective it can be in interacting with customers.


Let’s get right into it – 8 video marketing trends we can see thriving in 2021. Starting with, probably, the biggest trend of them all…


1. Live streaming

The live streaming revolution definitely kicked off in 2020. With events forced to go virtual due to the pandemic, businesses had to get creative. Take a look at our showreel above to see examples of our past live streams.

Live streaming is a video transmitted over the internet in real time. Viewers are watching what’s happening in that moment, rather than a pre-recorded video.

There are multiple benefits of live streaming. First, it’s much more personal and public-facing. Second, you don’t require sophisticated video production equipment for it. Third, you can answer questions in real time. The list goes on – check out our live streaming blog post all about the wonders of live streaming for customer engagement.

Twitch first made live streaming popular before this year, starting with gaming streams. However, it soon began to branch out into other types of video. So, we can see this increasing more in 2021 specifically on Twitch.

Meanwhile, it’s clearly made a huge impact everywhere else, too. 82% of audiences preferred live video to social media posts, according to Livestream. As a result, marketers will continue to seriously rethink their social media strategies to align with 2021 video marketing trends.


2. Webinars

Once again, COVID-19 is to blame for this video marketing trend: in-person seminars have gone virtual.

A ‘webinar’ is a seminar on the web, allowing anyone with a link or invite to access the information. For example, check out one above that we did this year, all about the power of video.

This has proved to be a lifesaver for businesses in 2020 – so people will likely be reluctant to let it go next year.

As with live streaming, webinars are similarly likely to endure into the 2021 video marketing trends and complement in-person events. As a result, the two methods combined will widen businesses’ reach permanently.

Again, to link them with live streaming, webinars are increasingly being conducted live. Previously, they may have been pre-recorded and put out at a specific time – but now, viewers want transparency. They want authenticity. So, in 2021, that’s what they’ll get.


3. Google advancing its video capabilities

At the moment, Google search results are very much text-heavy. Even with the increase in video results at the top of the page – which, nevertheless, will increase in the next year – Google hasn’t expanded on this.

So, we may be seeing more video content appearing on Google in 2021. Firstly, Google Ads image extensions may evolve into video extensions with time. This will make ads even more engaging to look at after searching – and probably increase clicks.

Also, Google-owned YouTube may do more to keep up with popular video marketing trends – such as short-form TikToks – in 2021.

After all, YouTube is still growing in terms of business marketing – there’s a lot more potential there. For example, it may improve its video uploading capabilities to keep up with the instant sharing of TikTok and Instagram.

Nevertheless, we’ll just have to wait – but whatever Google’s developments will be in 2021, we’re excited to see them!


4. Investing in video

If there was ever a year to prove the immense power of video, it was 2020. Businesses are no longer viewing video as just another marketing tool. Instead, attitudes are changing to that of admiration and intrigue, with businesses wondering what video could do for them in the long run.

This is why we’re seeing more of them properly investing in the medium. By 2024, video ad spending is expected to reach as high as $12.66 billion.

Part of this increase is to do with the breadth of opportunities and benefits video offers. For example, there are so many types of video you can make, and so many goals you can achieve with them.

We could go on for days – but for now, check out the clip above where Stada Media CEO Danny Lacey and Director of Business Development Ben Dews discuss the importance of getting what you pay for. 


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5. Repurposing video

As we always say, one video isn’t just one video. It can be 10, 20, 50 pieces of content if you know how to repurpose it.

It’s so important to get the very last bit out of videos you create because you work so hard to create them. More importantly, you’re maximising the impact one video can have by extending its lifespan.

Some examples of how you could repurpose your video:

  • Make short social media edits – see the example above of one of our own.
  • Take screengrabs and reuse the images on various channels.
  • Take quotes from your video and put them on branded graphics.
  • Make GIFs of cool or funny moments from your video.
  • Don’t just share it once – remember you can re-share it again and again over time, in different ways.

We’re seeing more businesses realise the importance of ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ content going into 2021. As a result, we’re placing this firmly within future video marketing trends.


6. Video conferencing

Again, it’s no secret that the events of 2020 have influenced this one. Video conferencing has become businesses’ primary mode of communication.

Person-to-person marketing now has an exciting chance to blend with the appeal of video and raise its game. Although it will always have a unique effect when you’re with someone in person, video conferencing proves fierce competition.

Video conferencing is now being used for multiple purposes: sales pitching, team meetings, and interviews to name a few. The dominating tools people are using are Zoom and Microsoft Teams, with the verb ‘zooming’ now popularly used.

Although 2021 might offer more flexibility, video conferencing has clearly made its mark on the business world. So, we expect it to remain in the video marketing trends next year, complementing in-person interactions. For example, a group of people could meet in person, but have a screen set up allowing more to dial in.


7. Educational video content

We can heavily link this video marketing trend to the one above – video communication has saved education in 2020.

We’re predicting that schools, colleges and universities will continue to take advantage of this technology. One reason being, students seem to prefer it. 73% of education professionals say video conferencing will decrease student dropouts.

Furthermore, other educational activities such as staff training are already increasingly using video. This has attractive benefits, such as saving time by not needing to go round lots of people in person to train them.


8. Augmented Reality video

This has been big with beauty and clothing companies in 2020. The physical try-on experience has died a sudden death – so what can you do? Make it virtual, obviously.

Plus, with today’s AR technology, you can do an impressive job. For example, customers of beauty brands are able to ‘test’ makeup without the dangers of cross-contamination. Meanwhile, clothes shoppers can see what something looks like on them without having to step in the store.

Overall, this means that people’s trust in these kinds of products remains stable. By extension, so do the businesses.

We can see this staying put in 2021 marketing trends for customer convenience alone. With online shopping rising in popularity every single year, people will want to ‘try on’ products from behind their laptops – even without a pandemic.


Which of the video marketing trends are you most looking forward to sticking with in 2021? For us, it’s got to be live streaming – it’s now fast overtaking many types of video. Even better, we can produce one for you.


Want more video insights? Why not talk to us directly? We’ll tell you how we can help with your video marketing needs. Contact Stada Media here!

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