We are obsessed about delivering WOW for your business

From our humble 2009 beginnings in a tiny box room, it has always been about delivering more, whilst adding true value. 

After ten plus years of evolving, that ethos hasn’t changed. We are continually transitioning to find better ways of working, ones that create efficiency, excellence, difference, and award-winning video marketing content.

Meet your video production team
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Lucius - stada team
Ben Dews - Managign Director (Stada Media)
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Rules we live by
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Exceptional Service

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Exceeding Expectations

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Learning & Growing

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Honest & Transparent

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Our story

Stada Media was founded in 2009 by our CEO, Danny Lacey. The vision from then to now has always been to create exciting, meaningful, and disruptive video marketing content.

Over the years we have expanded our team – from a few of us, to many of us. During this journey we’ve welcomed new skills, perspectives and creativity into the company which have really helped us on the way to success. Each addition to our team is incredibly exciting and marks a new chapter in the Stada Media story.

Stada Media started as Stada Video, before branching out into a wider video marketing service which helps businesses distribute their content with quality and impact.

Today, we’re continuing to work hard to become bigger and better. That involves helping businesses reach their goals just as we have always done, whilst constantly fine-tuning our processes from within. This pushes us forward to something new every day.

Join our team

Stada Media is a welcoming, friendly and inspiring place to work. We’re passionate about developing our staff’s skills and experience, because there is no greater value than that in a successful team.

Stada Media welcomes new skills and abilities that will help the business thrive. We also recognise the value of a team that gels well together. Strong team relationships get us through challenges.

If you have skills that you think could bring value to our company, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.