Aldi – 1, John Lewis – 0

John Lewis was well on its way to becoming, yet again, the Christmas advert of the year, but it seems everyone has jumped on the ad-wagon this year from Sainsbury’s Clumsy Cat to the Lucky Spanish Lottery winner, giving John Lewis a run for there money.

A surprising new comer to the race though, Aldi stepped up their game hugely this year. The advert completely spoofs John Lewis’s emotive ‘man on the moon’ sketch that pulled at the nations heartstrings, mirroring they’re usually formatted ‘Like Brands’ advert, showing the savings of shopping at Aldi, but this time using the old mans telescope, an attempt to pull at the nations pursestrings.

This year see’s a star returning to the screen, Gin loving Jean from one of Aldi’s 2011 adverts returned as the not-so stereotypical beautiful blonde. ‘Jean quickly became a national treasure for her love of our Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin when she first appeared on screens in 2011,’ said Jonathan Neale, joint managing director of corporate buying at Aldi.

The entire thing looked cheap and cheerful, perfectly mirroring the values of Aldi, and annoyingly for John Lewis and their £7m effort, Aldi’s cheap alternative won the vote of the nation yet again, coming ahead of John Lewis in the Metro Online ‘Best Christmas Adverts of 2015’.

We think Aldi may have won the 2015 Christmas Ad Wars!

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.