All hail king youtube: silly stats to leave you flabbergasted

If you were ever in any doubt of how powerful Youtube is, allow us to remind you.

  • Over 1 billion users
  • 4 billion dollars in revenue
  • 300 hours of content uploaded every minute
  • Over 2.6 trillion video views in total


The average youtube video length is 4 minutes. That means that roughly 10.4 trillion minutes of video have been watched on youtube. Following that, if the video views happened one after the other, it would take 19, 773, 772 years and 8 months for them to play out. 19 millions years ago, humans hadn’t even evolved yet.


When you need to figure out how to fix your boiler, you check Youtube for tutorials before you call the plumber. When Taylor Swift’s new music video comes out, you go on Youtube to watch it. When the latest viral scandal about a US police officer doing something naughty gets circulated, it’s youtube that racks up the video views. They own the online video market.

  • 60% of a channel’s views come from outside the country it’s based in
  • Localised in 75 countries and available in 65 languages


According to research by Variety, top Youtube faces were found to be more popular among teenagers than mainstream celebrities. Here’s a few examples for you.

  • British lifestyle vlogger Zoella has 8,955,695 subscribers on Youtube. Beyonce’s official Youtube channel only has 1, 806, 724. On Twitter however, the balance goes entirely the other way.
  • Smosh, a channel where two goofy friends make funny videos, has a whopping 21,060,440 subscribers. Lady Gaga has 6,075,579.


These comparisons may be unfair – Zoella is based on youtube (as are her fans), whereas people like Beyonce don’t post a vlog every few days, and therefore don’t need to build up quite so much Youtube traffic . But it’s still a surprising statistic, especially given the fact that quite a lot of the people reading this blog may not have even heard of the Youtube names we’ve mentioned.

Play your cards right, and you can make a living off vlogging on youtube – and we don’t mean ‘you can get by’, but you can make millions (both on Youtube and the doors it opens). It depends on hitting the right market at the right time and producing the right content.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.