Animation Company Helping Draw Your Story

Light that spark of personality and character in your brand with animation and motion graphics.  

Animation creates a unique and vibrant world for your brand to play in.

Think cute and funny characters, visually engaging scenes, and abstract designs: Stada Media is an animation company that can create animated spaces entirely designed around your brand’s personality.

Drawing from our wide-ranging video production services, we’ll build a clever animation that’s just right for you and what you want your video to achieve.


What are the different types of animation available?

There are many animation methods, ranging from the standard to the more experimental, there are only a couple that are commonly used in marketing.

These are digital 2D animation and 3D animation. 2D animation is creating characters and objects in a flat, two-dimensional scene. It is usually quicker to create than 3D animation, which refers to the animation of three-dimensional or ‘lifelike’ characters, objects and environments.

Stada Media is an experienced animation company, specialising in both. This means we can use them to amplify your marketing content, creating captivating moving images that speak your brand’s messages.

The animation process
1. Initial conversation

We will thoroughly get to know your business. This helps us to deliver the absolute best results at the end of the video project. To help you, we’ll offer our expert knowledge on video to advise you on the best choices before you decide on the final brief. Is an animation the best choice for your business?

2. Brief & Scope

What kind of animation do you want us to make? What is your goal for this video? What’s your budget? What kind of things can we achieve in this project? These are all questions we’ll work to answer at this stage in the process. This helps us to prepare for the later stages and avoid misjudgements.

3. Creative

Here is when we get out our pens and pencils and start to – literally and figuratively – sketch out your big idea. Throughout this stage, we’ll always have your company and goals at the forefront of our minds so you’ll achieve them with this video.

4. Pre-Production

Before we get animating, we write your script and draw up your video’s storyboard, visualising exactly what every frame is going to look and sound like. This really helps our production team when they get to animating. We’ll always keep in regular contact with you at this stage, sending you our script and storyboard for your valued feedback.

5. Animation

This is where we bring the ideas we’ve ruminated over, drawn up and discussed to the screen. Our talented production team will pay careful attention to the script and storyboard, creating your animation using the latest and best software. They’ll also add crisp and engaging audio as per the project brief. We love seeing the animation slowly come to life at this stage!

6. Post-Production

In post-production, we get your animation ready for distribution. This may involve creating various versions of the animated video – for example, subtitled versions or shorter clips for social media use. This is the ‘finishing touches’ stage, where again, we’ll keep in frequent contact with you to ensure everything is still a-ok with the finished product.

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What can I use animation for?
The magic of animation is its ability to mould into anything you ask it to. However, there are some types of video it’s just perfect for.

Animation is easy to understand, visually appealing, and extremely engaging. It’s hard to think what it wouldn’t be a brilliant choice for. However, you need to think about what will have the biggest impact for your goal.

Animation is commonly used for these purposes:

Explainer videos.

It’s so important to communicate effectively with your customers and ensure they understand your product or service completely. If they don’t understand, they won’t be wasting their time! Animation helps to explain complex ideas, comforting the viewer with simple visuals that are easy on the eye and don’t distract from the information being communicated.

Sensitive topics.

Animation keeps viewers’ attention on the message. A live-action video, especially if it features people who are very close to the sensitive subject, may be too delicate for easy viewing. While emotions may come across more realistically in live action video, animation can strike the right balance between emotional value and the video’s real purpose.

Improving website user experience and SEO.

Animation being visually digital helps user experiences to remain consistent throughout a website. Animated video also improves SEO by letting search engines know your website is rich with valuable content. Video, in general, is prioritised in search engine results.

Social media videos.

Animation speaks to everything that social media is known for: short, fun, shareable content. That’s why it’s perfect for it. Visually engaging animations popping up on a social media feed is a surefire way to encourage people to watch, right from the first preview frame.

Top video production tips
#1 Animate outside the box and get creative

While animation is a great marketing tool, it’s no secret that there are millions of animations out there. You’re very likely to find many similar animations that could have done with a bit more original thinking. This is why it’s so important to spend a lot of time thinking about how your animation will look and how you can make it stand out.

#2 Align your message with your visuals

Video’s power is in its ability to combine sight and sound – but you need to do a bit of work, too! Make sure the right sounds are simultaneous with the right visuals. For example, it’s obvious that when you’re explaining how to use a product, you’ll need to show exactly the right part of it during certain instructions. If you do this, your viewer is more likely to recall parts of your video afterwards, sight and sound together.

#3 Hire an animation company for best results

Animation requires specialised skills to come out looking as good as you want it. This is why it’s such a good investment to hire a professional animation company. We know exactly what we’re doing – we’ve done hundreds of animation projects before. We’ll also be able to advise you on certain decisions, drawing from our knowledge and experience of past projects. Lastly, we’ll be able to create the best animation possible within your budget.

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