The Benefits Of Video Production For Your Business

Think back to your school days. We all had that one teacher who would copy reams and reams of what you could have just read in your textbook out onto the board, and you had to write it down.

The reason for this?

Perhaps it was something to do with old standards of memory retention, teaching kids their place, or maybe that particular teacher just didn’t want you to be happy. The point is, nobody wants to read through pages and pages of text. Nowadays they can get the same information from a source that requires less effort – video.

Videos are more memorable

The first of many benefits of video production for your business: Video is much easier to remember.

There’s a reason that you remember fifteen year old Destiny’s Child lyrics better than you remember your other half’s mobile number. The brain retains much more information when it’s given a ‘hook.’ In music, this comes in the form of patterns that the brain hangs onto, often irreversibly, and you find yourself incapable of getting that particular ditty out of your head.

Similarly, when you see blindly sit in front of an advert on TV, you’re more likely to remember it than if you’d just read the same information.

Think of it in terms of tiny humans.  Toddlers don’t learn to talk by reading Shakespeare. They learn through listening and through visual aids. Most 4 year olds know all the words to every song in Disney’s ‘Frozen,’ yet they’ll struggle to remember how to spell their own name.

Information is easier to digest when watching a video

Now let’s also think about it in terms of the average website visitor. If you’ve got someone who’s interested enough to visit your site, you don’t want to put them off by providing them with heaps of written information that they’re too busy, too uninterested, or too lazy to properly read and digest it at that moment in time.

Similarly, if you’re doing a presentation and everyone is forced to read the whole thing, you won’t get the interest and focus from than you would have gotten if you’d have just shown them a bite-sized video. They will retain up to 95% of the message of the video. In contracts, they’ll retain 10% of the information when read as text. Those odds are hard to argue with.

Google likes video content

Video isn’t just a better way to deliver a message or information.

We’re now well into the days of SEO (search engine optimisation). There are companies out there who’s soul purpose it is to optimise your online visibility potential. Google’s web monkeys are constantly looking for sites that have videos on them, and will bump your site up on the search result list if the monkeys find what they’re looking for.

Adverts aren’t anybody’s favourite thing in the world. Nobody particularly revels in being sold things. However, if you have a video on your website, it’s a staggering 53 times more likely that your website will be displayed on the 1st page of search results on Google. That means the people who actually want to be sold the product or service are 53 times more likely to find you before your competitors.

Videos build trust

Now we’re getting right into the business chat, let’s talk conversion. If a call-to-action is made in a video, the contact rate increases by a staggering 400%. This is a promising notion. Even if people aren’t calling you to buy your product right then and there, they’re much more likely to contact you to enquire about it.

Now, these statistics are not steadfast. There isn’t a Statistical Bureau of Britain who’ll give you your money back for the video if you don’t meet those targets. But, the potential is there. Let’s use an example from our own office to support these claims. We were called by a company who were trying to sell us a service, and seeing as we were busy…video production-ing…we asked if they could drop us an email with a link to their website. Or, a video that we’d be able to watch at our own leisure.

Their website wasn’t the easiest to navigate, and they didn’t have any videos. We unfortunately don’t have the necessary time to go sifting through website content to find out what we need to find out. As a result, it’s likely that we won’t get back in touch with that particular company.

It really is that simple and that fickle when it comes to business. If a customer can’t find what they’re looking for within a few clicks, or a neat, tidy, explanatory video isn’t there to meet them on the homepage, it’s pretty much a given that they’ll take their custom elsewhere.

Viral videos spread the word faster

Now, there’s always the chance the video may go ‘viral.’ This popular term is often banded around, and is based entirely in the internet age. When someone at work has a cold, they spread it to the five people nearest them. Each one of those five people spreads it to five more people each. And before you know it, you’ve got an epidemic.

Think of the video as the cold, and the epidemic as far- reaching online exposure. The people sharing the video with others are essentially unpaid marketeers. You’re welcome for their services, by the way.

Not every video for every business has the potential to go viral. However, a good example of how effective it can be is a recent video by Thorne Travel in Ayrshire. Their cheesy-yet-viral-ready effort has apparently increased their sales by 110% since the ad went live. Admittedly, the video has been shared so many times because it’s on the cringeworthy side of funny, but it had a positive effect for the business nonetheless.

Everybody wants video!

And now for the most mind blowing statistic of all.

90% of all internet traffic is now video. Think about what you see when you log onto Facebook.  Every 3rd post is a video that one of your friends has liked and shared. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It’s likely that when your boiler broke and you couldn’t get someone out to fix it immediately, you watched a video on how to deal with the problem yourself.

Get video for your business

The written word will always have its purpose. But in an age where we’re all about immediacy and ease, video is the way forward. Actually, it’s less of ‘the way forward,’ and more ‘happening right now.’ Don’t let your business fall behind the pack.

Now you’ve read about the benefits of video production for your business, speak to Stada Media. We’re experts in creating video content that will make you say ‘WOW!’ In fact, our videos don’t just look great. They get results too, as you can see from our video production case studies.

Get in touch with us today and start seeing the benefits of video production for your business. Send us a message or give us a call us on 0113 403 2037.

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