Punchy and persuasive copy, eye-catching design and disruptive digital assets.

Elevate your brand’s communication with a wide variety of relevant and consistent content, tailored to your audience.

Beyond professional video production, we are also enthusiastic to elevate your accompanying marketing content such as copy, design, and web. It’s no use having a bit of this and a bit of that – it’s all about the full package with our content marketing services.

Fashion your video with engaging copy, distribute interesting long-form written content, and improve your website user experience with clever design.

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What is the difference between content marketing services and advertising?

On the surface, it may seem like all marketing efforts are generally the same. This isn’t true, however.

Advertising, in the traditional sense, is usually completely controlled by the business who pay for the ad to be shown to specific audiences.

Content marketing services, on the other hand, is content specifically curated to appeal to and inform your audience. Its key goal isn’t to sell, but to provide real value. Therefore, content marketing is paramount in boosting significant brand awareness and recognition.

The content marketing process
1. Initial conversation

Before anything else, we’ll thoroughly get to know your business, inside and out. This includes what ideas you might want to communicate in your content marketing. This helps us to deliver the absolute best results from your brand’s content. To help you further, we’ll also offer our expert knowledge to advise you on the best choices before you decide on the final brief.

2. Brief & Scope

This is where we receive your final idea on the content marketing you would like us to create. At this stage we’ll also calculate the scope of the project: how long it will take, what resources we’ll need and which parts of our team we’ll need to delegate work to.

3. Creative

Here is when we get out our pens and pencils and start to – literally and figuratively – sketch out your big idea. Our Creative Lead and Marketing Manager will head the conceptual process, working towards a unique content marketing idea to make your business stand out. Throughout this stage, we’ll always have your company and goals at the forefront of our minds so you’ll achieve them with your content.

4. Content creation

Our production team gets to work on your content, whatever this may be – copy, web, or design. They’ll use the research and resources they gathered in the earlier stages to make your content as impactful as possible to your audience. Throughout this stage, we’ll keep in frequent contact with you and make any amendments in response to your valued feedback.

5. Distribution

Following a pre-prepared, regular and consistent content schedule, we’ll distribute your content to the channels your audience is most present on. We’ll also make sure your content is fully optimised for each channel – for example, email marketing content will be very different to an Instagram campaign.

6. Analysis

Once your content has been distributed to your audience, we’ll perform analysis on its performance to calculate our next steps in content creation. Which parts of the content were received the best by your audience? Which ones fell by the wayside? Once we have these results, we’ll then improve the content again and again until it’s the best route to customer engagement and conversions.

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Why using content marketing services is important for your business?
Marketing isn’t all about pure sales. It’s a spectrum that also includes building trust and intrigue in your brand.

Content marketing balances the scale between sell and inform. Marketing is just as much about providing valuable content to your customers than it is actually selling your products and services.

Just as it provides this value for your customers, it also does the same for your business. Here’s why:

Your leads and customers actually WANT to see it.

It’s what they look for when they go online, scroll through their social media feeds, check their emails. They’re desperate for great content that breaks the cycle of the same old ineffective stuff they see every day. Be the brand to do that.

Optimised content marketing improves your SEO.

It takes carefully optimised content across the board to achieve truly successful SEO. Make sure you’re targeting your company’s relevant keywords in your content, whether this is a blog post or another webpage. Make sure your content is doing some heavy lifting to get your business at the top of those search results.

Content supports all your other digital marketing efforts.

It’s the pillars that support the building, and you need to make sure these pillars remain strong enough. Through its ability to interest your audience, content brings value and validity to otherwise cold digital marketing.

Content marketing builds trust in your brand.

If a customer sees a piece of content they can take away something really valuable from, they’ll automatically trust you as a company. With the right content, you’ll become a reliable source for your audience to return to.

Top content marketing tips
#1 Be consistent

This means in your brand voice, the types of content you’re distributing, and your posting schedule itself. Make sure that in everything you create, you have consistency. This will improve brand awareness and recognition massively.

#2 Target your desired keywords

It’s important that you focus on providing value with your content. However, you also need to aim to secure the top spots in search results with carefully-considered SEO. This involves deciding on the commonly-searched keywords you want to target and including them effectively in your content.

#3 Repurpose content

Got a great piece of long-form content? Why not break it up into smaller pieces of microcontent to share with your audience on social media? You don’t need to do the same level of hard graft every time – be resourceful and take content from larger sources when creating smaller ones. This is a great way of making graphic design content for your brand.

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