Introducing The Diary of an Entrepreneur

It’s been an exciting few months here at Stada Video, with new faces joining the team, new client acquisitions and the launch of our full video marketing service. The company has grown and evolved massively over the last few years. To think, it started with me working solo from a spare room at home not too long ago. So, that’s why I want to share my journey with my new series, The Diary of an Entrepreneur.


Now, we’re pushing the business into the next phase and working towards our ambitious future goals.

Meanwhile, I’m making a pledge to document my journey as an entrepreneur and business owner. This is exactly the same as I’ve done with my filmmaking over last 10 years.


What is The Diary of an Entrepreneur?

The Diary of an Entrepreneur is a no-holds-barred account of my experience as a businessowner. I’m working from the ground up to develop a truly fruitful and successful video production company.

In the form of vlogs and podcasts, I’ll be covering everything from recruitment and marketing to sales and finances. No episode of Diary of an Entrepreneur will be the same. Plus, it’s not just the lessons – witness my proud moments, too!


The good, the bad and the ugly

Finally, The Diary of an Entrepreneur is no motivational spiel or secrets to success. Instead, it’s an open, honest account of my experiences as I build a video marketing business. The good, the bad and the ugly.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, perhaps you’ll follow along with me. I know this is something that I would have loved to see when I was starting out.


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Video is the next big thing for business. If you’re interested in having a new, powerful way to communicate with your customers, get in touch.



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