What Are The 4 Types Of Training Videos?

A training video is a great way to extend the lifespan of your staff’s skills and knowledge. Video’s ability to engage and inform means that the important information it communicates will stick in your colleagues’ brains for much longer. But it’s not enough to make just any training video – what types of training videos work best for your business?


Firstly, it depends on what your business is and what it offers. Some types of training videos won’t suit the skill or task you’re training your staff on. What’s more, the style of video might not work with your brand to begin with.

So, let’s take a look at the different kinds of training video you could use for your business!


Animated training video

types of training videos

Animated training videos can be very effective if you’re teaching something a little more abstract or complex. For example, your training might involve a lot of data. If they read it on a page, that data will probably go into your viewers’ brains and come right back out. However, a video can help make it stick. Percentages moving in bold typefaces and colours are a lot more memorable than small black text on a piece of paper!

Furthermore, the animated style will simplify the information and make the topic more engaging, especially if it’s a little dry to most people.

Animated characters breathe life into your training video

Your animated training video might not have real people in it like other types of training videos. However, you can still use animated characters to add a more personal touch to your training video and keep viewers engaged. Bonus points if you create bespoke characters for your company, dressed in your brand colours and representing your employees.

Find out how much an animated video costs here.


Instructor-led training video

types of training videos

Out of all the types of training videos, this one might be the most versatile. One of the main problems for companies who need to create training videos is that their current training isn’t representative enough of the actual task at hand. For example, they might be using paper or documents on a computer for training that’s completely manual.

The solution? Using a real person in the actual environment the task will be completed. As a result, viewers will be able to visualise the training much more clearly.

The video production technique used for instructor-led training videos is live-action. This simply means real people in real locations filmed by a camera (or multiple). Find out more about video production equipment here.

Our top tip: use a good speaker

This person doesn’t have to be an actor – they could be someone at your company who is charismatic, confident and knows the training well. Alternatively, if you struggle to find any employees who work for the video, hiring a professional actor is a great idea too. Even though they may not know the industry or subject matter yet, they’re skilled and experienced in assuming any role assigned to them. Therefore, you can be confident that the right actor will learn and communicate the training effectively.


Screen capture training video

types of training videos

But what if your training can only be given through a screen? If you need to train your staff on software, a screen capture training video is the way to go. But we won’t blame you for worrying about the video’s quality if it’s recorded on a screen. That’s why these videos need to be of top quality; firstly because they should look good to current and future staff, but secondly because the screen needs to be legible!

Try to record your screen in the highest resolution possible and minimise any other activity that may slow down your computer. Furthermore, only capture what you need to record. Don’t record while you’re clicking around, preparing for your next shot.

Editing is especially important for this type of training video so it keeps a good pace. You don’t want viewers to get bored watching the same screen for too long!


How-to video

types of training videos

A how-to video is one of the more common types of training videos that you might see anywhere from your email inbox to your Facebook newsfeed. They don’t have to be classed as ‘training’ videos, and can be something as simple as a fun recipe hack. However, a how-to video can also mean a training video for your staff to learn from.

Focusing on the task

The difference between an instructor-led video and a how-to video is that a how-to video doesn’t need to have a presenter. It can simply be footage of someone completing a task with a voiceover saying the instructions over the top. For example, you might need to train new employees on packaging up products in your warehouse. This might simply involve a shot of an employee’s hands packaging up the product, from their POV.

This way, with people’s faces not shown in the video, the focus doesn’t stray from the task at hand and it becomes more applicable to the viewer.


The different types of training videos offer something for every brand, product and purpose. So, whatever you’re training your staff on, there’s a training video for you!


If you need more help with your training video, or still don’t know which of the types of training videos to go for, get in touch with Stada Media. We’re experts in bespoke video production and creating WOW for your business.

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