Digital Deep Dive: Airbnb Instagram Stories, Amazon Marketplace App Store & More

The online landscape is ever-changing. New devices, platforms and features are introduced on what feels like a daily basis. Therefore, we’ve put together a roundup of this week’s biggest stories, including Amazon Marketplace Appstore and Airbnb Stories. Stay ahead of the curve!


Amazon Marketplace Appstore


Amazon is launching a new app store called the ‘Marketplace Appstore’, designed to make inventory and order management simpler for sellers. 

Amazingly, Amazon has over two million sellers on Amazon, and growing. The Amazon Marketplace Appstore allows these sellers to communicate their inventory and order details with Amazon in order to automate more tasks.

As a result, the streamlining of operations will prove to provide a better experience for customers.


Instagram says ‘You’re all caught up’ in first time-well-spent feature


With the latest Instagram algorithm juggling our feeds, there’s sometime no telling whether we’ve seen all of our friend’s posts. Instagram have now introduced a feature that will let you know when to stop scrolling, by telling you when you’ve caught up with all of the posts shared in the last 48 hours from the people you follow.

This is a great feature because it gives users a little of their time back and prevents what some might consider to be mindless scrolling. Therefore, it keeps the user experience healthy.

Similar to the Amazon Marketplace Appstore, the improved experience keeps users coming back.


Instagram now lets you mute accounts


We’ve been waiting for this. It always feels a little rude to unfollow friends when we’re not enjoying their over-sharing – however, now we don’t need to worry!

Thankfully, Instagram have now introduced a ‘mute’ feature, allowing users to mute both feed posts and stories from people they follow.


Airbnb quietly launches its own ‘Stories’ for users to build video montages of their travels


This is a huge development for the brand and could sink or swim many of the locations they feature. Customers will be able share their experiences in the most literal way!

We’ve been telling you how important video is becoming to brands…


What are you most excited about? The Amazon Marketplace Appstore, Airbnb Stories or Instagram’s detoxing updates? Let us know!


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