Digital Deep Dive: ZenScreen’s ‘Balanced Digital Diet’, Snapchat’s Snapkit and More!

The online landscape is ever-changing. New devices, platforms and features are introduced on what feels like a daily basis. We’ve put together a roundup of this week’s biggest stories to help you stay ahead of the curve!

ZenScreen Could Help You Achieve a ‘Balanced Digital Diet’

The team behind ZenScreen have been working on a digital diet that doesn’t simply kick you off your phone for long period of time, but helps to tailor a more balanced approach to your daily social media use and app use.

ZenScreen will help you prioritise the things that are essential, for example, work and education, as well as navigation and music! By creating a pyramid of digital health, users will be able to see what really matters and apply it to their daily routines.

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Snapchat Preps Snapkit Platform to Bring Camera, Login to Other Apps

Snapchat is working on its first developer platform, called Snapkit. The platform will allow other apps to offer a ‘login with Snapchat’ option, as well as a camera functionality that will allow users on other platforms to share back to Snapchat.

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Messenger Kids No Longer Requires the Kids’ Parents to be Friends, Too

A small but notable change to the messenger app, parents no longer need to be friends with each other before their children are.

Both parents will need to be on Facebook in order to approve who their children connect with, but it cuts out the need for them to connect first.

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