Digital Deep Dive: Facebook 3D Posts, Snapchat GIFs & More!

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve put together a roundup of this week’s biggest stories, including Facebook 3D Posts. Stay ahead of the curve!


Plan to unite AR, VR and News Feed with Facebook 3D posts

After debuting posts of interactive 3D models back in October, Facebook has taken the next step.

Facebook 3D posts now support the industry standard glTF 2.0 file format, allowing for textures, lighting and realistic rendering. Also, thanks to new Graph API endpoints, developers can now build 3D modelling apps. Alternatively, they can even build 3D cameras that directly share to the News Feed.

Furthermore, users will now be able to take Facebook 3D posts and bring them into Facebook Spaces. Facebook Spaces are the platform’s social VR hangout rooms.


Snapchat responds to complaints about the app’s redesign

Snapchat has issued an official response to a popular petition on asking the company to reverse its recent update. Many users complained the update was difficult to use.

Snapchat continues to stand behind the update, but promises to make a few more changes to address the complaints. These include alterations to the Friends and Discover section.

Read their full response here.


Instagram Direct adds replay privacy controls

Instagram is adding a new feature to the Instagram Direct camera. This addition is part of Instagram’s effort to make private messaging a central feature of the app.

Now, when users send a photo or video in direct messaging, they will be able to decide what to do with it. This includes whether recipients can only view it once, replay it temporarily, or keep it in the chat.

Previously, you could replay all messages temporarily before they disappeared completely.


Facebook plans to clarify its ad metrics

It’s not just 3D posts in Facebook’s news. After acknowledging previous mistakes, Facebook is aiming to restore advertisers’ confidence in ad metrics.  Therefore, it is planning to clarify the way advertisers measure their campaign performance.

Facebook laid out the changes in a recent blog post. They include labelling that states explicitly when an ad metric is an estimate or in development.

In addition, Facebook is removing at least 20 metrics which it considers redundant, outdated, not actionable or infrequently used.

Read the full blog post here.


Snapchat adds GIF stickers via Giphy

Snapchat is bringing a popular new feature of Instagram Stories to its own app. The platform is giving users the ability to add GIF stickers from Giphy to their posts. The new GIF options are available in the Sticker Picker alongside other existing options.

While it’s not exactly as advanced as the Facebook 3D posts, it’s still an exciting and similar feature. Also, it’s another way users can express themselves and have fun on social media.


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