Digital Deep Dive: Facebook Instant Games, Snapchat @ Mention Tagging & More

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve put together a roundup of this week’s biggest stories, including Facebook Instant Games. Stay ahead of the curve!


Facebook opens Instant Games to all developers

Launched a couple of years ago, Facebook Instant Games was only available to a select list of developers. However, now the platform has announced that Facebook Instant Games is now open to all developers.

Facebook Instant Games is a great way to get users to spend more time on Facebook’s platform and explore game monetisation.


Snapchat finally adds @ mention tagging

Much like Instagram’s stories, Snapchat has introduced @ mention tagging. Once you take a picture or video on the Snapchat camera, users can add text on it. By typing “@(username)” to mention a Snapchat user, when someone views the snap they’ll be prompted to swipe up for more profile information.

Importantly, the move could improve the way in which Snapchat link Stories and messaging.


SwiftKey gets stickers

Microsoft launched one of its biggest updates since the purchase of SwiftKey keyboard for Android and iOS in 2016.

SwiftKey 7.0 will now include a variety of sticker packs. This new feature paves the way for many more new additions to follow throughout the course of the year.


YouTube’s mobile app gets a dark mode

The introduction of a dark theme, first seen on the desktop site last year, poses many benefits alongside the intention of a cinematic feel.

The new theme could save battery life, as well as being easier on the eyes when staring at a screen for too long. Reducing glare, users will be able to focus on the vibrant colours of the videos they watch on mobile devices.


Whether your favourite update this week is Facebook Instant Games, Swiftkey’s stickers or YouTube dark mode, it’s an exciting time for tech!


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