Digital Deep Dive: Instagram Story Videos From Camera Roll & More

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve rounded up this week’s biggest stories, including the new ability to upload Instagram Story videos from camera roll. Stay ahead of the curve!


Instagram Stories expands photo and video sharing options

Instagram Stories is giving users more flexibility. The platform is allowing users to post photos and videos from their camera roll — even if they’re older than 24 hours.

The limitation was previously in place to encourage spontaneity. However, it’s clear that Stories is becoming less about spur-of-the-moment sharing. Instead, it’s now more about sharing more casual, temporary content.

Once more, Instagram Story videos from camera roll follows Facebook polls, Twitter’s 280-character limit and Pinterest’s board sections above. It offers more freedom for users in the content they post and opportunities they have on the platform.


Two-option Facebook polls introduced

Facebook has launched a new two-option poll feature, available to both personal profiles and Pages. Facebook polls provide a new way to boost engagement and gather options. Plus, they have the added option of using photos or GIFs as answers.

To create Facebook polls, users simply need to open the status composer. Choose “Polls” before filling out the simple form, selecting any GIFs, and setting an expiration date. It’s important to note that answers aren’t anonymous and are visible to all.

Although a non-video feature, unlike Instagram Story videos from camera roll, it’s an exciting new development for marketing research.


Twitter officially expands its character count to 280

After a successful trial period, Twitter has changed one of its most iconic features — the 140-character limit.

The social network realised that the character limitation impacts certain languages more heavily than others. Therefore, it came to a decision that a longer limit of 280 characters would be beneficial for select languages; these include English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Similar to Instagram Story videos from camera roll, the wider Twitter character limit provides more opportunities for users and content.


Pinterest introduces feature that allows users to create sections within boards

Pinterest has added a new feature that allows users to separate their boards into organised sections.

The social network says that this board-within-a-board feature was one of their top requested features of all time. So, it is likely to be a hit among avid pinners.

Again, like Instagram Story videos from camera roll and Twitter’s new 280-character limit, Pinterest is also providing more flexibility for users.


LinkedIn considers a push into original content

LinkedIn may be in the early stages of creating or acquiring original video content for its platform. This seems to be part of the professional network’s overall push to become more video-centric. Watch this space!


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