Digital Deep Dive: Facebook Snooze Button, Instagram Private Live Videos & More

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve rounded up this week’s biggest stories, including the Facebook Snooze button. Stay ahead of the curve!


Facebook Snooze button

Facebook has launched a new feature which aims to give users more control over their News Feeds. The “Snooze” button is available via the top-right dropdown menu on any post. The Facebook Snooze button mutes content from a person, Page or group for 30 days. It serves as a way to dial down unfavourable content without having to fully unfollow or unfriend another user.



Instagram now lets you share live videos through direct messages

Instagram has rolled out a number of tweaks to its Direct Messaging feature in recent months. For example, these include photo and video message replays and web link support. This week, it’s introduced another change that allows users to send private live videos via Direct Messaging.

Like the Facebook Snooze button, this feature allows users to have more control over their experience.

Facebook and Universal Music Group enter new partnership 

It’s not just the Facebook Snooze button that the platform has been working on. Facebook has just announced a new licensing deal with Universal Music Group. 

The partnership will allow users to use Universal Music in the videos they upload and share. This covers users across all of Facebook’s platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Oculus.

Furthermore, the deal will allow Facebook to introduce new music-based products across its platforms in the future.



Twitter adds support for app-based two-factor authentication

Twitter is rolling out an update that aims to increase security for its users. The update will allow users to use third-party apps to receive two-factor login authentication for their accounts. Previously, the platform offered its own SMS two-factor authentication. However, third-party tools such as Google Authenticator, Authy and Duo Mobile prove to be more effective against hackers.

Facebook introduces new facial recognition tool

Along with the Facebook Snooze button and the Universal Music partnership, what could they possibly have thought of next?

Well, Facebook has introduced a new feature that aims to give users more control over the photos they appear in.

Photo Review, the new facial recognition feature, will alert users when their face shows up in newly posted photos.

Photo Review will give them the option to tag themselves, leave it be, ask the uploader to take the photo down, or report it to Facebook.


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