Digital Deep Dive: Facebook Stories AR Drawing & More!

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve put together a roundup of this week’s biggest stories, including Facebook Stories AR Drawing. Stay ahead of the curve!


Facebook Stories AR Drawing and Instagram’s Boomerang

Facebook’s camera is having a re-vamp, which will no doubt see its use increase. The Facebook Stories AR drawing will allow users to scribble on images whilst recording, the markings staying in place when the camera moves.

Also, you’ll be happy to learn that Facebook Stories will be rolling out Instagram’s Boomerang, too. This is an improvement on the old GIF option they used to have.


Instagram will let you download your content after criticism about portability

Instagram have announced that we will soon be able to download our images once we post them. As a result, this will improve the user experience and allow more control and ownership over content.  More details are to follow, as the timeline and functionality have been vague so far.  Stay tuned!


GIF search is coming to LinkedIn messaging through Google’s GIF engine Tenor

Users are utilising LinkedIn messaging much more, so it’s particularly exciting to hear that the platform is introducing GIFs. Recently acquired by Google, the GIF search tool Tenor has worked across a number of different platforms. Currently, Tenor powers more than 12 billion GIF searches per month.


Instagram rolls out Focus portrait mode for video and photos

Instagram is rolling out Focus, which blurs the background while keeping your face sharp on a photo or video. You will find this in Stories, alongside Boomerang and Superzoom. Furthermore, users will be able to take advantage of this feature in both selfie and rear-facing cameras.

Like the Facebook Stories AR drawing, this continues to shows platforms’ heavy focus on Stories as a valuable function for users.


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