Digital Deep Dive: Instagram Story GIFs, Facebook Privacy & More

The online landscape is ever-changing. New devices, platforms and features are introduced on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve rounded up this week’s biggest stories, including Instagram Story GIFs. Stay ahead of the curve!

Instagram Story GIFs now supported

After the initial rollout, Instagram Story GIFs have officially launched. To access them, tap the “add sticker” button and select the new GIF option. This includes options to browse trending GIFs and search the entire library.

In addition, Instagram Stories will soon allow upload of images and videos of any size. Once enabled, users will be able to pinch the uploaded image or video to share it in its original ratio. Importantly, this is an alternative to having to crop them in a 9:16 portrait format.

Facebook to roll out global privacy settings hub

Facebook will introduce major privacy changes later this year to comply with GDPR, the European Union’s new data protection regulation.

COO Sheryl Sandberg said the company will be “rolling out a new privacy centre globally that will put the core privacy settings for Facebook in one place and make it much easier for people to manage their data.”

Snapchat will now let you share some Stories outside the app

This week, Snapchat began rolling out a new feature. It allows users to share some public Stories outside of the app.

At the moment, Stories eligible for sharing include Official Stories, Our Stories and Search Stories. However, the company has indicated that the types of Stories you can share will expand over time.

This arrives along with Instagram Story GIFs, showing the rapidly-growing demand for ‘story’ formats.

Twitter is reportedly working on a camera-centered feature to simplify video sharing

According to recent reports, Twitter is working on a new tool to make it easier to post video. Currently, users have to tap on the compose tweet icon, then select the camera or live button.

The new camera product will reduce the number of steps required to film and post a video. Similarly, this is much like Snapchat or Instagram. These platforms only require one swipe or tap to open the camera.

Like Instagram Story GIFs and Snapchat’s update, quick video sharing is becoming the most popular activity right now.

However, there’s currently no indication of when the feature will debut. Watch this space!

Facebook’s new game streaming exclusive is a direct challenge to Twitch and YouTube

Facebook has agreed to a deal with Germany’s ESL One e-sports tournament organiser. This will make Facebook the exclusive live streaming home of ESL One-run e-sports competitions.

As a result, this exclusive new partnership pits Facebook Live against Twitch and YouTube Gaming. These are popular game streaming platforms that have so far been hard to kick off the top spots.

So, what’s your favourite update of the week? Instagram Story GIFs, public Snapchat story sharing, Facebook’s privacy hub, or Facebook gaming?

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