Digital Deep Dive: Snapchat Analytics, Facebook Lists & More

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve put together a roundup of this week’s biggest stories, including Snapchat Analytics. Stay ahead of the curve!


Snapchat analytics

Starting this week, big Snapchat creators will be able to view their own analytics. In Snapchat analytics, range of view counts and demographic data will be available on their profiles. For example, these will include total story views, viewing lengths and much more.

Previously, content creators only saw daily view counts, which disappeared 24 hours.


Facebook launches new Lists feature

Facebook is rolling out a new update to its status update box. The new feature, called Lists, encourages users to share more personal content.

Facebook Lists allows users to make decorated lists of anything they choose. For instance, these might be New Years Resolutions, travel ideas or to-do’s. Furthermore, they’ll be able to decorate them with coloured backgrounds and emojis.


Snapchat’s Snap Map comes to the web

Snapchat has created a version of the controversial Snap Map for use on the web. Snap Map allows you to see where your friends on the platform are at any given time.

However, this web-based version is less about viewing individual user activity. Rather, it’s more about sharing an interactive heat map of public stories in the local area.

An embed feature allows users to quickly and easily grab a link or embed code. Then, they can include these in social media posts or on website pages.

Like Snapchat analytics, this new development is another example of the app expanding its capabilities and reach.


Facebook is creating a news section in Watch to feature breaking news

The social media giant is planning to create a news section on its video streaming platform. This is part of a broader evolution of Facebook’s news strategy, and will feature breaking stories.

This is a big step forward for Facebook’s Watch, which launched in August of last year. Watch competes more directly with other online video distribution platforms.


Instagram is testing screenshot alerts for stories

Instagram is currently testing a feature that will show users when someone takes a screenshot of their story. According to those in the test, users will get a warning when Instagram implements the feature.

Creators won’t get a specific notification when someone takes a screenshot. Instead, the information will be available within the normal list of story viewers. Similar to Snapchat analytics, it looks like Instagram is expanding its offerings of metrics to users.


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