Digital Deep Dive: Snapchat AR Filters, Instagram Polls & More

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve rounded up this week’s biggest stories, including Snapchat AR filters. Stay ahead of the curve!

Snapchat unveils new augmented reality filters

Snapchat is opening up its World Lenses augmented reality feature to advertisers. This will allow brands to create their very own Dancing Hot Dog style filters.

The new Snapchat AR filters are available to buy directly from Snap, and they can run as either a national campaign or targeted to as a targeted audience demographics.

Twitter trials expanded character limit

Twitter is considering a change to one of its most iconic features — the 140-character limit. The platform recently discovered that the character limitation impacts certain languages more heavily than others. As a result, Twitter is testing a longer limit of 280 characters for select languages. For example, these include English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

The new character count is currently available to a small group of Twitter users on iOS, Android and desktop. However, we don’t expect the test to last long. Within a couple of weeks, Twitter plans to make a decision regarding a broader rollout. Watch this space.

While very different to the Snapchat AR filters, this update still proves how flexible social media platforms are becoming for users!

Instagram adds poll feature to Stories

Polly, a Snapchat add-on that allows users to attach multiple-choice polling to Snaps, proved a big success. As a result, Instagram has included its own polling feature to Stories.

Much like adding a location sticker, users can now add a two-answer interactive poll to their Stories. Friends are able to see the poll results as soon as they tap their chosen answer. Furthermore, the poll creator can take a look at the votes within the Stories view count page.

Along with Snapchat AR filters, Instagram Story polls signal the rapid expansion of Stories-format offerings.

Facebook Stories gets a boost from Instagram Stories

Despite Facebook’s popularity, its native Snapchat-clone hasn’t seen much success since its global launch in July. However, that is set to change.

The social giant is rolling out the ability to share Instagram Stories seamlessly with Facebook Stories. Instagram Stories now has over 250-million users; therefore, this new feature is sure to increase the Facebook Stories user count.

Again, this update, Snapchat AR filters and Instagram Story polls show how fast Stories options are evolving!

LinkedIn launches new recruitment feature

Building upon its hugely successful recruitment features, LinkedIn has announced a new product. Talent Insights will allow recruiters to access in-depth analytics for hiring and employment purposes. Furthermore, it will be a paid product and is set for a full launch in 2018.

We’re excited for what the Snapchat AR filters could achieve for businesses. Will you give them a go?

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