Digital Deep Dive: Tinder Loops, Instagram Detox And More

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. We’ve put together a roundup of this week’s biggest stories, including Tinder Loops and Instagram’s Do Not Disturb feature. Stay ahead of the curve!

Tinder Loops rolls out globally

What have we been telling you about video? The dating app has been experimenting and testing video content in Canada and Sweden since April. Now, they’ve begun a wider roll out of ‘Tinder Loops’.

Just two seconds of video, Tinder Loops give a better representation of both looks and personality to potential matches. They are just 2 seconds of video, but will make a huge difference to user experience.

You can’t shoot Tinder Loops via the app at the moment. Instead, you need to shoot in advance and upload to the app.

Instagram’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Caught Up’ deter over-gramming

We’ve already talking about the ‘Caught Up’ feature that Instagram recently launched. The feature brings attention to how long you may be mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.

Now, once you have seen everything there is to see in your feed you’ll see a little note to tell you you’re ‘all caught up‘ with content shared in the last two days.

Unlike Tinder Loops, this feature doesn’t necessarily make using the app easier, but rather regulates your usage. Think of it as a gentle nudge from Instagram to take a break. How selfless of them!

In addition, Instagram’s Do Not Disturb settings is yet another way to be a little more conscious of the time we spend on social media. Still in planning stages, the feature will allow you to turn notifications on and off at the click of a button.


These are the top iPhone apps of all time

Facebook tops the charts in the top iPhone apps of all time for worldwide downloads. Unsurprisingly, Facebook Messenger and Youtube follow close behind. However, Netflix takes the lead in consumer spend, just before Spotify.

What are you most excited about? Tinder Loops or Instagram’s updates?

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