Digital Deep Dive: Twitter Live TV, Facebook Explore Feed & More

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve rounded up this week’s biggest stories, including Twitter Live TV. Stay ahead of the curve!


Twitter introduces original live programming to UK

The platform recently announced its first original live and in-stream programming in the UK. Twitter live TV launches in partnership with a number of publishers and broadcasters. For example, these include BT Sport, Glamour and BBC.

Twitter live TV will cover sports, entertainment, news and more.

This new feature is coupled with the expansion of Twitter’s video ad solutions. After a successful US launch, in-stream ads will be available to UK businesses. Therefore, it’s clear that Twitter is taking advantage of the power of video in as many ways as it can!


Facebook rolls out Explore feed

After a successful round of testing, Facebook recently officially rolled out an alternative News Feed. It is available across both mobile and desktop devices, and accessible through the main navigation.

Facebook’s “Explore Feed” allows users to discover more content beyond friends’ and Pages’ posts. The Explore Feed tailors its content to each specific user. For instance, they’ll see content based on previously liked posts and content popular in their network.

Like Twitter Live TV, this demonstrates how social media platforms are expanding their offerings to maintain people’s interest.


Facebook tests new post collection feature called ‘Sets’

Facebook just began testing a new feature allowing users to share posts as themed collections. These ‘Sets‘ can contain several status updates, photos or videos that fit together.

Sets draw a close comparison with Pinterest’s Boards. So, could this be Facebook’s way of competing with the rival social network?

Again, similar to Twitter Live TV and the Explore Feed, Facebook is pulling out all the stops to expand user opportunities.


Snapchat unveils plans for original TV-style shows

It seems that Twitter Live TV isn’t the only development rivalling the box in the corner of our living rooms.

Snapchat recently announced plans to create original scripted content with the help of new partner NBC Universal. Appearing in the Shows section of the app, these videos will be around three to five minutes long. In addition, Snapchat will of course shoot them in vertical mobile format.


Facebook tests CV building feature

Facebook is taking a page out of LinkedIn’s playbook. The platform is testing a new feature which will allow users to build and maintain their CV.

Facebook has long allowed users to share their education and professional experience. However, it looks like the platform is now bringing this feature to the forefront.


What are you most excited about? Twitter Live TV, the new Facebook Explore Feed, Facebook Sets, Snapchat Shows or Facebook CV building? We won’t blame you if it’s not the last one.


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