Digital Deep Dive: Upload Video To Google Maps, iOS 11 Release & More

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve rounded up this week’s biggest stories, including how to upload video to Google Maps. Stay ahead of the curve!

Google adds video features to Google Maps

Google is beginning to introduce limited video features to parts of its Google Maps service. Users who are part of the Local Guides program can now shoot 10-second videos right from the app.

This may look like a minor update at first. However, the ability to upload video to Google Maps provides local businesses with new opportunities. For instance, they’ll have more chances to promote their establishments with video content in the future.

Facebook overhauls Ads Manager and tests new News Feed features

Facebook is aiming to bring greater efficiency to its advertisers. Therefore, it has combined “the ease of use” of Ad Manager and “the powerful ad creation and editing features” of Power Editor into one tool. From now on, Facebook has said that it will be “focusing its efforts on improving a single platform”. Furthermore, these efforts will continue to evolve as more improvements are included over time.

The social media giant has also been experimenting with a couple of new News Feed features. For example, Instant Videos aim to improve offline and on-the-go browsing. They do this by downloading videos to users’ phones while connected to a strong WiFi signal for later viewing.

Additionally, Facebook has a new Snooze feature. It will allow users to temporarily unfollow friends, Pages or Groups for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

While it doesn’t include new video features like the ability to upload video to Google Maps, Facebook is rapidly expanding its tools.

Apple updates iPhone and iPad devices with iOS11

This week, Apple released the final version of iOS 11. The update is packed with new features for the iPad. For example, these include a system-wide dock; an Exposé-style bird’s-eye view of your recent apps and workspaces; an improved Split View interface; and an all-new Files app.

Most of the iPhone changes are under the hood. For instance, these include a new augmented reality framework, security updates and performance improvements. However, the most visible change is the new Control Centre, which enables users to add customisable shortcuts.

As seen with the ability to upload video to Google Maps, app updates are coming in thick and fast.

Instagram introduces auto-playing sound to videos

Another video update to go with the ability to upload video to Google Maps, Instagram has found a happy medium with autoplay. Videos still autoplay with the sound off with the most recent update. However, once you turn sound on for one video, all other videos autoplay with sound for the rest of your Instagram session.

Twitter tests Tweetstorm feature and adds Team Management tool

Twitter is testing an unreleased feature to subvert its 140-character limit. Once released, ‘Tweetstorm‘ will automatically split a larger block of text into a thread of individual tweets.

Thanks to a more recent Twitter update, teams now have the ability to share a single account without needing to share the account’s password. As a result, it’s becoming a very convenient tool for businesses!

Are you excited about being able to upload video to Google Maps? We expect it will help businesses communicate with users better about their services and facilities!

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