Digital Deep Dive: Add To Facebook Story From Desktop & More

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve rounded up this week’s biggest stories, including how to add to Facebook Story from desktop. Stay ahead of the curve!

Facebook adds desktop posting to Stories

Facebook has experienced low usage rates compared to its other Snapchat clones on Instagram and WhatsApp. Despite this, it’s expanding its native Stories feature by testing the ability to add to Facebook Story from desktop devices.

A Facebook spokesperson commented: “We are always working to ensure people can easily navigate and enjoy Facebook, regardless of how they connect. We are testing the option to create and share Stories from Facebook on desktop and are also testing moving the Stories tray from the top right corner to above News Feed, just like on mobile.”

WhatsApp officially launches its app for businesses

WhatsApp has officially launched its new WhatsApp Business app in select markets. For example, these include Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S. However, WhatsApp has plans for a worldwide rollout in the near future.

WhatsApp Business aims to help small business connect with their customers. It’s currently only available on Android. However, it will eventually help all businesses build a WhatsApp presence. In essence, it is WhatsApp’s own version of a Facebook Page.

Like the ability to add to Facebook Story from desktop, it’s clear that both apps want to expand into new territories this year.

A GIPHY GIF search engine is coming to Instagram Stories

The ability to add to Facebook Story from desktop is not the only ‘Stories’ development this week.

A small selection of Instagram users have recently noticed a GIF library appearing in Stories. As a result, people have guessed a possible partnership between the app and GIPHY. The new feature allows users to search for GIFs from GIPHY and put them on their Instagram Story.

There has been no official announcement from Instagram regarding the partnership. However, we can probably expect an official launch soon.

Facebook Messenger promises to simplify in 2018

Along with the new opportunity to add to Facebook Story from desktop, Facebook appears again in this week’s news!

Head of Messenger, David Marcus, has announced plans to simplify and streamline Messenger in 2018. “Over the last two years, we built a lot of capabilities to find the features that continue to set us apart. A lot of them have found their product market fit; some haven’t,” Marcus admits.

His aim is “to make Messenger the easiest and most delightful way for people to spend time together in happy and harder times.” For instance, his priorities include investment in visual messaging and group chats. Read the full list here.

Instagram is testing a new text-only option in Stories

Instagram is testing a new feature called “Type”. Interestingly, Type will allow users to share text-based Stories as an alternative to photos or video.

Type appears as a separate option in Stories alongside Boomerang, Live and other familiar features. Once it’s selected, users can write their message and choose different backgrounds and fonts.

From the ability to add to Facebook Story from desktop, to Instagram Stories’ new additions, it’s clear that Stories continues to be a strong player on social media!

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