Digital Deep Dive: Instagram Stories Re-sharing, Facebook Games SDK & More!

The online landscape is ever-changing. Companies introduce new devices, platforms and features on what feels like a daily basis. So, we’ve put together a roundup of this week’s biggest stories, including Instagram Stories re-sharing. Stay ahead of the curve!


YouTube just became the top grossing iPhone app for the first time

Incredible news for YouTube! After reaching No. 3 in previous years in the U.S. Top Grossing charts, YouTube has finally hit the top spot for the first time.

The platform has grown remarkably since its launch. Furthermore, it excitingly poses new opportunities for brands to use its position to reach a highly-engaged audience.


Instagram Stories re-sharing, ‘quote tweet’-style

Instagram have pushed a trial of Instagram Stories re-sharing to a small subset of users. The feature will allow friends to share any feed post with each other in a much easier and user-friendly way. The already-popular ‘regram’ feature potentially inspired this move.

You’ll often see users currently screenshotting content and sharing. Crucially, Instagram Stories re-sharing will make the process a lot easier and faster.


Facebook lets all PC games live stream and reward viewers

This latest development poses a great opportunity for brands, including viral growth and increased sales. After 2 years of testing, Facebook has now opened live broadcasting from PC games to the News Feed to all developers.


Instagram has unreleased ‘nametag’ scanning, adds # & @ links to profiles

Instagram are rolling out a number of changes. Along with Instagram Stories re-sharing, it has the potential to copy the likes of Snapchat and their use of QR code scanning. Whilst not yet released, files have been discovered in the Instagram Android app’s files which would make this all possible.

We have however seen the official launch of the # & @ links in profiles, allowing users to click through to pages and links. This has the same goal as Instagram Stories re-sharing – to allow users to express themselves. As a result, profiles have become much more interactive and editable.


Facebook Messenger gets admin rights for group chats

Facebook messenger is a great platform for communication. This week, it rolled out a new feature allowing users autonomy over their group chats.

Chat owners can add and remove members, as well as give them admin privileges of their own.


It’s clear that with developments such as Instagram Stories re-sharing and Facebook Messenger admin rights, users are getting more control over their experience. What’s your favourite update from this Digital Deep Dive?


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