Embrace Documentary Teaser Trailer Released Online

Filmmaker (and Stada Media CEO) Danny Lacey is spending twelve months filming indie rock band Embrace. They were one of the biggest bands between 1996 and 2006 with several number one selling albums. Responsible for hits like “All You Good Good People”, “Ashes”, “Gravity”, “Come Back To What You Know” and many others. They returned in 2014 after a seven year break with album number six which went top 5 in the UK album chart.

Embrace group picture

The band are back in the studio working on album number seven, they’re also preparing for the award winning Secret Festival and have just returned from a successful tour across the U.S. with Starsailor. Danny Lacey has been given unlimited behind the scenes access to the Band to make a feature length documentary.

Embrace logo

Filming began at the bands Sheffield gig in December 2014 and is due to end in October/November 2015. The documentary will give fans a true insight in to what it’s like being in a much loved indie rock band – the high’s and lows of making a living in the music industry and the personal trials for each member of the band.

Danny is very excited about making this documentary, “I’ve been wanting to make a music doc for many years now and I was over the moon when the band agreed to the idea when I approached them back in 2014. I met the band through Mike Heaton (Drummer) after shooting a charity video for him, this led to me making a music video for Embrace and now the documentary. I’ve not met a nicer bunch of creatives, especially with as much history as these guys have – over twenty years and all the same members!”

Embrace secret festival image

The documentary will be released in 2016 and will be available online via various Video On Demand services. Yet to be announced.

In the meantime, enjoy this short teaser for the documentary.

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