Take complex ideas and simplify them into digestible content

Become a teacher in your field with informative explainer videos about your products and services.

Identify places of confusion or frequently asked questions about your products or services, and explain all in an appealing explainer video. These are great placed on your product pages, website Help section, or shared on social media channels and video platforms.

Helpful, educational content is one of the best ways to gain customer interest and trust – so take advantage of our professional explainer video production services!


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What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a video that takes your audience through how to use your product or service. It might also smooth out any common confusion or issues.

Your explainer video will reduce the time you take answering the same customer questions repeatedly. An explainer video is a small investment that will pay dividends over and over again!

The most common techniques used for explainer videos are animation and motion graphics. Animated explainer videos are hugely effective in communicating ideas simply and clearly. You can also inject your branding into animated videos easily to increase brand recall and awareness.


1. Strip the information back to basics.

Remember, this isn’t the final destination in the buyer journey. Your viewer has probably only just discovered your business, or is at least at a very early stage in the process. You only need to give them the key information, making it easy and accessible.

2. Use simple visuals.

The visuals of your explainer video will inform how easy the content is to understand, and vice versa. So, make sure your images, graphics, text and animations aren’t too busy and overwhelming for the viewer. Motion graphics is a good technique for this.

3. Have an engaging voiceover.

Another big part of how effectively your information will be communicated is the voiceover. Ensure you pick a voice artist whose voice suits your brand personality, and will immediately engage a viewer wanting to learn.

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