F8 2018: Facebook Developer Conference Round Up

Depending on who you speak to, you’ll get a varied opinion of Facebook at the moment as a result of the constant unwinding of their GDPR fails in the press throughout the last few months. Whilst many will say, “it’s because they had no choice”, their recovery and response to errors in their systems and processes has been impressive.

Last week’s F8 Conference brought many tech advances that will no doubt set the pace for the year ahead. We’ve pulled together our standout revelations from the conference.

Facebook Dating

Clearly ruffling a few feathers with the huge revelation that they will be entering the online dating space, Facebook are seeking to improve the way that people connect with each other online. Online dating has integrated itself into the daily habits of many singles, with one in three people having met their partners online.

The app will soon allow singles to opt in, where they will be connected with non-friends who have also opted in to be on the dating platform. Matches will be based on similarities in users’ profiles, with a view to encourage meaningful interactions and relationships.

Clear History

Much of the GDPR talks about the right to be forgotten, so whilst Zuckerberg warns that it can hinder the Facebook user experience, the change allows users the control they’re entitled to. Users will be able to clear their browsing history on the platform, which will make targeting less accurate, but will allow individuals to have control over their online footprint.

WhatsApp AR Camera Effects & Group Video

It’s a pretty exciting time for WhatsApp users, as we’ll see the roll out of AR camera effects to be used in statuses. Use of Stories has increased rapidly, and WhatsApp’s feature is no exception. Facebook revealed that 450 million users share a story of WhatsApp daily, in addition to 65 billion messages sent on the app everyday.

WhatsApp will also introduce group video call, allowing for users to connect in as many ways as possible in the app.

Instagram Stories

Is there much else you can’t do on Instagram now? We’ve already mentioned the quiet launch of the app’s payment feature in our latest Digital Deep Dive, and now we’re anticipating greater third-party integration when uploading to Stories.
Users will be able to share GoPro clips and what they’re currently listening to on Spotify for example, and Stories will offer deep links to allow for users to open Spotify tracks in their own Spotify app.

Facebook Messenger Gets A Facelift

Since separating messenger from the main Facebook app, it’s all felt a little cluttered! Facebook are now simplifying the design and it’s use, allowing users to do what it’s there for – chat!

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.