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Shortly after, you will receive some initial thoughts or questions about your project. Like any new project, the sooner we can jump on a call with you the better. It’s important we truly understand what you are trying to achieve with your video project.

The cost of corporate video production

Once you’re aware of all the pieces that make up the final puzzle of a video, you’ll see why it’s such a good investment.

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1. Creative

The Creative stage is all about discussion and getting that big idea. We’ll take your goals and work from there, building a strong concept that will achieve them for your business. We’ll decide which members of the team are needed for the project and work as one. Once we have the idea fleshed-out, the key part of this stage is completed: writing your video script and drawing up your storyboard.

2. Complexity

The more complex the creative, the higher the investment – but that’s exactly what it is, an investment! As long as they make sense for your brand and video, higher production value will elevate your business to the heights you’re aiming for. Lots of factors affect price: hard costs such as actors, locations, and equipment, but also extra specialised services such as character design, animation, and special effects. Remember, within animation, 3D will be a higher investment than 2D. It’s all about deciding what will yield the very best results.

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3. Logistics

An important part of planning your video is establishing the logistics. The team may need a good amount of time to set up during pre-production to enable us to deliver the best possible video. Before shooting, we may also need to carry out casting, find the right locations, do risk assessments and go on site visits. All of these things lead to one goal: ensuring there’s quality in every aspect of your video.

4. Hard costs

We have a lot of in-house resources – however, there will always be a need to outsource, and so extra hard costs are incurred. These might include: actors, location hire, specialist kit hire, catering, travel, accommodation, studio hire, props, and so on. These things are essential for ensuring the project runs smoothly and we are practically able to complete it to the standards you need.

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5. Production

It’s not just about the hours – it’s about the years of experience, the skill, and the expertise. This has a value! During production our team will use what they know to create the highest quality video for your business, within your budget and matching your goals. Our team’s background, skills, and experience are just as important as tangible factors such as the hard costs above.

Top video production tips
#1 Think carefully about casting

In the past, it’s taken us longer than we hoped to find exactly the right person to star in our video. However, paying careful attention to casting is ALWAYS worth it when we see the finished product and realise it couldn’t have been anyone else!

#2 Don’t settle for the wrong location

Similar to tip #1, location is paramount in creating the perfect atmosphere for your video. You should be willing to travel to find that sweet spot. Don’t settle for a location that isn’t quite what you hoped for just because it’s easier or quicker to get to. This is all part of the video production process.

#3 Sound is key

We return to this piece of advice time and time again: viewers will forgive bad visuals, but they’ll never forgive bad sound. Sound is a huge part of the video experience, so make sure it’s as appealing and immersive as possible to build that engagement.