How GDPR Affects Marketing: The Stada Media Guide

If you own a business today, you need to have a good idea of what this new data protection regulation entails and why it is important. At first, how GDPR affects marketing might all seem a little daunting. However, for the majority of businesses, email marketing will be the area most affected.


Let’s take a look at the three key factors in how GDPR affects marketing…


Data Permission

First up in how GDPR affects marketing.

Going forward, businesses will be required to actively seek permission to use any personal data. Individuals need to express “freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous” consent. Furthermore, users need to reinforce this with a “clear affirmative action”.

In practice…

Marketers will be required to clearly ask for permission before sending any promotional emails to customers. No assumptions or pre-ticked boxes allowed! Instead, you will need to offer users a dedicated form or optional checkbox. These will explicitly state that they are opting into your mailing list.


Data Access

How GDPR affects marketing is also evident in users having more control. They will have more say over how you collect and use their data. For example, this includes the ability to access or remove their data, known as “the right to be forgotten”.

In practice…

Businesses will be responsible for making it easy as possible for users to access or remove their data. Offer a clear unsubscribe link in all marketing emails. Plus, ideally, include a link to a user profile where users can modify their preferences.

Giving your customers a range of email preference options will allow you to base your marketing efforts on individual customer interests. So, how GDPR affects marketing is not as stressful as you think. It’s actually better for everyone!


Data Focus

To comply with GDPR, businesses will be required to legally justify the processing of all data that they collect. This sounds intimidating but, put simply, this means avoiding collecting any unnecessary data.

In practice…

When considering how GDPR affects marketing, focus only on the data you actually need to collect. If you’re not going to put it to direct use, don’t ask for it!


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