How To Get The Most Out Of Your Corporate Video Production

If you’ve used video for your business before, you’ll know that it’s an investment – but one that pays off massively. If you haven’t, don’t stop reading just yet! We’re about to tell you how you can make those corporate video production costs SO worth it.


Video offers your business so many possibilities – not just in its benefits, but in how much you can actually do with it. A big part of corporate video production is knowing how to get the most out of what you create. You can chop it up and extend its life, spread it across different platforms, re-use it over and over again in the future and so much more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the different ways you can make use of your corporate video…


Create shorter social media edits

Firstly, split a 10-minute video, or even a 5 or 3-minute video, into a set of short edits to use on social media. This extends your video’s lifespan and provides you with different angles to discuss your content from.

For example, you may have made a company overview video (find out more about company overview videos here) and it includes a section about your manufacturing. If so, isolate this part of the video and share it on its own so you can really zone in on your manufacturing prowess.

This applies for any other parts of your video – for example, customer service or your team.

In addition, creating more content out of your video vastly multiplies the ways you can use your video clips. In other words, you’ve suddenly got a bank of valuable video content to cherry-pick from depending on the topic or need. This is why corporate video production’s value goes beyond just the video itself!


Reuse and repurpose your corporate video

Similarly, corporate video production is one of the best forms of media to reuse and repurpose. This is because it’s so rich with different content and features.

For instance, you’re able to embed and post your video in many different places to maximise your reach. This includes your website, social media, emails and presentations.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to reshare your video at a later date to introduce yourself to new customers and refresh existing customer’s memories.

However, just make sure it’s been long enough since you last shared it – you don’t want to put people off by regurgitating the same content too soon. One way to get around this (but only do it once!) is to open your caption with ‘In case you missed it…’ or something similar. This acknowledges the fact that you have shared your corporate video recently, but you’re aiming it at those who haven’t yet seen it.


Share your corporate video on YouTube

If you weren’t planning to post your video on YouTube… first of all, what were you thinking?! Second of all, let us explain to you the power and influence of the Google-owned video hosting platform.

YouTube is the second-biggest search engine and website after Google, which means people think corporate video production is pretty important. Furthermore, 55% of marketers use YouTube, making it the most popular video channel for video marketing.

Having your video on YouTube can vastly boost your visibility and, as a result, traffic and sales. In addition, because YouTube is the second-largest website EVER, by having an active YouTube channel you’ll be upping your brand credibility too.

Find out more about how to get the most out of YouTube here.


Optimise your corporate video for SEO

Next, the best way to guarantee people will see your video in search engine results is to optimise it for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You can learn more about video marketing SEO here, but in short: Search Engine Optimisation is the process of developing your online content to rank higher in search results. This mainly means Google, the biggest search engine, but it applies to others too.

How do you optimise content to rank higher? Firstly, research and pinpoint popular keywords and phrases in your field. Then target these by including them frequently in your content.

So, how do you optimise corporate video production in this way? First, take a look at your title and description. Are they targeting the keywords you want to rank for? Plus, they need to be snappy and readable to get people’s attention. Including focus keywords both helps Google to position your content and helps users to know whether it’s what they’re searching for (which, hopefully, it is).

Furthermore, look at your thumbnail. Is it eye-catching enough? If not, work to create a bold and head-turning thumbnail using bold titles and a good shot of something relevant.


Invest in production value

We’ve already brought up the issue of cost at the start of this post. As well as all the ways you can repurpose and share video, the quality of corporate video production in general is well worth the investment.

To get the most out of your corporate video, you should be investing in that high-quality production value. As a result, your video will not only truly impress your audience, but also stand the test of time.

With video, you get what you pay for – and there’s pretty much no way around that. More investment brings more expertise, techniques and appeal to the table, meaning more results for you.

However, this doesn’t automatically mean you have to fork out millions just to get a video you can expect results from. It simply means being prepared to pay a little extra for whatever kind of video you’re looking for. After all, you want guaranteed results, not just the chance of them. For example, a 3-minute motion graphics video usually costs roughly £3-5K. However, you might want to invest a little over that £5K if you want your video to stand out from the rest of the bog-standard ones out there from your competitors.


Use your corporate video to sell for you and answer common customer queries

Finally, recruit corporate video production as an extension of your customer service and sales teams. All you need to do is point customers in the direction of your video; as a result, they’ll get all the information they need, packaged up in a digestible and memorable format.

This eases the pressure off your customer service and sales teams who find themselves answering the same questions day after day. Therefore, they’ll be able to focus on more pressing and important problems, allowing your company to accelerate growth!


If you already use corporate video production, are you really getting all you can out of it? Even after reading this post?

If you’ve never used video before, we hope we’ve opened your eyes to the many ways you can use video beyond the official finished product!


Talk to Stada Media for further help with your corporate video production. We’re video experts obsessed with all things video marketing, and our services can help your business reach its true potential.

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