How To Get A Distribution Deal For A TV Show

Want to make your own TV show? The ‘making’ part is the easy bit. If you’ve not been commissioned by a TV channel, getting your show in front of an audience is something else.

Getting a distribution deal for a TV show is something we’re relatively new to – so it’s been a steep learning curve during the process of making new TV series The Horse Man. Here are a few tips that we’ve picked up along the way on how to get a distribution deal for a TV show.


Use a distribution company

Some production companies will look into distributing their own shows… However, we’ve decided to go with the professionals under the advice of a good friend. So, we’re happy to announce that The Horse Man is being distributed by Boulder Creek International – and it seems there’s been a lot of interest in the show already.


Boulder Creek International act as an intermediary between us and the TV channels, which means we avoid the responsibility of trying to sell the show – which is a full time job all by itself. They’ll add it to their roster and drum up interest, effectively marketing it.

They have a network of industry contacts that we just don’t have. Need a cameraman? We know a bunch. What about equipment? Sure thing. But distribution is a whole different ball game, one that we’re a little wet behind the ears in. Now we can put all of our efforts into making the show the best it can be without us having to turn one of our staff members into a distribution goblin who’d sit in the corner buried under a piles of paperwork and potential leads.


Is there a market for your TV show?

Throughout 2014, we were busy launching a Sky TV channel. We set the station up, produced and shot all the programming, and built them an in-house team that were capable of looking after all the broadcasting needs the channel had after we left.

The experience was invaluable to us as we’re moving further and further into TV production as Stada Media expands. However, being commissioned by an actual channel to make TV shows is very different to being commissioned by a cowboy hat wearing horse trainer to make a show that we would sell on after the first series had been completed.

There’s much more of a gamble with the latter option. Would people want to watch the show? Is there a market for it? Who will buy it?

It’s a little bit like buying a run down old house at auction and hoping to fix it up and sell it on for thousands more than you bought it for… It’s risky. Knowing that the show is now safely in the hands of experts who will try their hardest to find a fitting home for it is certainly a weight off our shoulders.

Can we pull it off?

Both we and Shady (the presenter, bank roller, and horse trainer) feel as if there is a real potential audience for a show like this. The equine community are missing a TV show that shows the root of problems with horses, proceeds with the treatment, and then provides the end results. If we do the concept justice (which we truly believe we will), we could be sitting on something really special. Take a look at our new 2 minute trailer and tell us what you think!

Filming something of this nature has been a helpful lesson in how TV land works. Although we’ve worked tirelessly in that area before, we’re now breaching new ground and experiencing things we’ve never experienced. It’s all very exciting, and we can’t wait to update you more on what happens!

Stada Media is your local TV and video production company, based in Wakefield and London. Got an idea for a TV show? Drop us a message and let’s talk!


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