Google’s algorithm change makes it even more essential for your business to use video.

It doesn’t feel like a particularly long time since everyone was being urged to get their business a website. When there’s on average two computers per household, having a website for your company seems like a no brainer. And now that pretty much all businesses have an online presence, we’re all being urged to invest in SEO. To some people, this seems like meaningless web jargon, but to those in the know – it’s essential. Video SEO is something we’ve all got to get behind, and now there’s another incentive to really modernise your website – Google will reward you with appearing higher in the organic search results if your website is optimised for mobile.

What’s the importance of SEO anyway?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation essentially means that your website is made to rank more highly in organic searches. For example, if someone is looking for carpet cleaners in Leeds, your website will appear higher on the list of search results the more SEO you’ve done on it. That now includes the usage of videos and whether or not you’re site is easily accessed and looks good on a mobile phone screen. 75% of internet users don’t scroll down past the first page of search results – which roughly translates to “if your website is just sitting there and not attracting google search results, it’s more than likely you’re not going to pop up on anyone’s radar”.


Once people have accessed your website via their mobile phones, they’re going to be looking for a quick, digestible source of information. That unfortunately just isn’t found in text form. Nobody likes to read reems and reems of text, especially on a mobile phone screen when they’re on the go, so the best way to give them what they want is a handy video that tells them everything they need to know, without asking too much of their time and effort. This is where video and mobile optimisation work at their best together.

So how might you attract users to your website in the first place?

It should come as no surprise that Google also favours sites that have videos. It’s likely that when you search for something, you’ll see at least one video result pop up, no matter what you’re searching for. The way this works is that the page containing a video essentially signals to Google that it’s a more useful page than it’s competitors. Google sees the word ‘video’ associated with the web page, and bumps it up in the search results.


Now, picture this. You have your whole site optimised for mobile. Great! Google is super happy with your efforts. And you’ve invested in some cool new videos. Awesome! Google likes your style. You’ve just seen your organic page ranking bump up considerably, and that’s without paying extra for ads. If that seems too good to be true, this is how it’s all going to work:

– Google’s number 1 page ranking factor is the detection of clicks in search results. So, the more clicks you have, the higher you start to rank overall. Just by having the word ‘video’ in your search result, you can improve your click through rate by an estimated 55%. The more people visit your site, the more your site is made visible to people via google’s page rankings. Essentially, Google is saying “Look at this increasing number of people visiting your website…here’s the exposure to entice a bunch more”.

– Google’s number 2 page ranking factor is relevant terms. Your video’s titles and subtitles end up acting as keywords, meaning the more great and useful info your video has, the more likely people are going to find it when they’re searching around that subject.

– Google’s number 3 page ranking factor is shares. This should be a no brainer – what does your Facebook timeline look like? It’s full of people sharing videos of cats and people falling off things, and you often see the same few videos do the rounds a few times a day. Video gets 12x more shares than links or text posts on Facebook, meaning just by having video on your site, you’re increasing the chance of your content being shared.


It shouldn’t be any kind of surprise at this point that online presence and branding is absolutely key to the success of any business. But now that so many people use their mobiles instead of computers to surf and shop, it’s time to start visiting the notion that things are changing. With Google actively encouraging people to update their websites and use video, the competition will become fierce. But if you’re rewarded with higher search results just for optimising your website for mobile (which it should be optimised for anyway), and investing in video (which is a better way to deliver information than text in the first place), it’s definitely worth getting on board and worshipping at Google’s feet.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.