Imaginative and distinctive ideas will bring new life to your brand’s messaging and appearance.

Treat your brand to a whole new look, crafted by our creatives to bring out the best.

A creative video production agency doesn’t just stop at filming, editing and animating. We also have a team on hand to take your brand’s canvas and paint something entirely new with our graphic design services.

This ‘something’ will increase your brand recognition, awareness and engagement. Great concepts and design bring out the credibility we know your business is already proud to have.


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How do marketing and graphic design services work together?

Our creative and design teams will put their heads together at the beginning of every project and use their individual expertise and knowledge to build up an idea of a brand’s ‘look and feel’.

Our creatives will come up with an original and exciting idea that will then materialise into a brilliant design for your business.

Designs are always created with your company’s identity, impact on the audience, and your specific goals in mind.

The creative & graphic design process
1. Initial conversation

Before anything else, we’ll thoroughly get to know your business, inside and out. This includes what ideas you might want to get across with your new look. This helps us to deliver the absolute best results in your brand’s design. To help you further, we’ll also offer our expert knowledge to advise you on the best choices before you decide on the final brief.

2. Brief & Scope

This is where we receive your final idea on what design you would like us to create. At this stage we’ll also calculate the scope of the project: how long it will take and what resources we’ll need.

3. Creative

Here is when we get out our pens and pencils and start to – literally and figuratively – sketch out your big idea. Our Creative Lead will head the conceptual process, working towards a unique idea to make your business stands. Throughout this stage, we’ll always have your company and goals at the forefront of our minds so you’ll achieve them with your design.

4. Design

Our skilled Designers gets to work on your new look! Throughout the design process, our Creative Lead will continue to oversee the look and feel of the design to ensure all is going to plan. Following our carefully-considered project schedule, we will create your design with plenty of room for any amendments.

5. Amends

When we send you our first version of your design, you may have some suggestions or amendments not considered in the original brief. This is great! We welcome as much feedback as we can from our clients so we can craft your design to be exactly what you asked for – and more.

6. Distribution

In post-production, we get your design ready for distribution. This may be for your website, social media, or another channel. Once you’re happy with the design, it is signed off and ready to be put out into the world!

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Why is design important in marketing?
Graphic design services have been paramount in marketing for centuries. It’s key in distinguishing one brand from another.

From logos to colour schemes, design gives your brand an identity your customers can remember. It’s non-verbal communication that communicates so many things with just a glance.

You should prioritise design as crucial for your business because:

Design is the face of your business.

It’s the immediate representative of your brand’s entire identity. It’s the first thing your audience will be faced with when they stumble upon your business. It will also give them a sense of professionalism and quality straight away. This will amplify your brand recognition massively.

Design drives conversions.

Design has great emotional appeal with its use of specific colours and images. In turn, emotion is the biggest factor in our purchase decisions. Channel this into your design to achieve a big boost in customer conversions.

Design makes your business visible amongst the chaos.

Today’s marketplace is oversaturated with the same ‘kind’ of brand designs. However, when created with originality in mind, design has the ability to stand out from the crowd. We’ll make sure yours does.

Design gives you credibility.

When it’s clear work and care has been put into a brand’s design, it’s a sign that the same attention is granted to customers, too. It lets customers know that the business has valuable skills worth investing in.

Top graphic design tips
#1 Establish trust with your client

Marketing design is often a two-way street. You need to have trust in your client’s thoughts and opinions, yet use your knowledge and expertise to advise them on what might look the best. This push-and-pull relationship will result in the best design you can create for the brand.

#2 Pay attention to colour

As we’ve already mentioned, colour is extremely important in evoking emotion in your audience and leading them to convert. Make sure your colour scheme fits the brand and what it sells. In addition, be sure to select complementary colours – it’s a bad idea to choose clashing colours just to try and be original!

#3 Design for your audience, not yourself

This applies to pretty much anything creative in marketing. Sure, you might have more fun designing things that you love to look at. However, this isn’t the priority when designing for a client. In the initial conversation stage, you need to take note of what the brand is all about and their goals for the design. Then ensure you take this with you when you start creating.

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