Great Apps to Improve Your Social Media Experience

Social media is growing in influence, and won’t be taking a back seat anytime soon. Many businesses now have the ability to trade directly through the apps, reducing the need to bother with ecommerce of any kind.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite apps to make Social Media on-the-go an easy and effective experience.


Buffer is a useful social media management tool to schedule content on a variety of platform and accounts. You can schedule content well in advance, and optimise the times in which you post.

Paired with their analytics tool, you’ll be able to identify how your content is performing and measure the success of your posts.

Whilst we encourage real-time posting too, this is also a fantastic platform to keep your content consistent and optimised for your followers.


Each page should encourage your customers to do something, even if it’s simply to get in touch with your team to learn more. Having the option to get in touch is important to the user experience – so ensure that your contact page is clearly found.


As we always say, visuals are extremely important! Canva is a photo editing tool which will enable you to brand your content on the go. Available for iOS, the app also provides templates for you to use if you’re short on time.

Facebook Pages Manager

This is particularly handy if you’re managing a number of Facebook pages, as you’ll be able to access and respond to messages all from one app.

You’re also able to connect the pages to Instagram, allowing you the ability to respond to all messages received on both platforms.


Ever come across something great online, get distracted and forget where you found it? It happens to the best of us!

Pocket is great for just that. It allows you to add a link to your list of things to re-visit, and also connects to Buffer for easy sharing.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.